These days, animation isn’t as defined by age as it once was. Once upon a time, a Disney movie was only thought to be for kids. But recently, Pixar has tackled mature themes, the humor of South Park has become a cultural institution, Star Wars is an animated TV series, comic book characters have cartoons and thanks to genres like anime, R-rated animation isn’t an oxymoron.

Enter Justin White, an up and coming artist made popular through sites like Threadless. He’s decided to take that thought one step further and turn some of your favorite live action movies and TV shows in to animation. His first solo show is called Rated G and opens at Gallery 1988 Melrose, in Los Angeles on Friday. We’re proud to exclusively the entire show.

White’s familiar yet flithy animated style has reimagined scenes from 30 films and shows never meant for animation. Films like Fight Club, Fargo, Casablanca, The Breakfast Club, Oldboy, Kindergarden Cop, Alien, Reservoir Dogs, There Will Be Blood and a whole lot more have been reimagined as high quality animation cels. He even tackled TV shows like Community, The Office, Breaking Bad and more.

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Conan the Barbarian isn’t the only guy getting the Unforgiven treatment. The 1991 Clint Eastwood western has become a genre landmark, essentially nailing shut the concept of the anti-hero created when the spaghetti western subgenre flowered with A Fistful of Dollars in 1964.

Now Ken Watanabe is playing the Eastwood role in a Japanese-produced remake of Unforgiven, which is set in Japan in 1880. Lee Sang-il directs, with part of the film oriented around Japan’s transition out of very secluded tradition to a more modern society able to come to terms with outside influence. That conflict has been played out in Japanese cinema many times before, especially as many samurai films were essentially rebranded westerns. So this remake seems like nearly an inevitability.

See some shots from the film below, along with a few other news items:

  • Simon West will direct a remake of the Burt Reynolds film Heat,
  • the new Mortal Kombat film has a rough budget,
  • Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen and a bizarre stranger caught in Oldboy set pics,
  • and an Oldboy cast member talks about Brolin’s physical transformations for the film.

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Briefly: Spike Lee‘s remake of Chan-wook Park’s 2003 classic Oldboy, starring Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, and Sharlto Copley, has now been given a release date. You’ll get to see the hammer-fighting, revenge-seeking, mind-melt of a film on October 11, 2013 according to Box Office Mojo. For more on the film, including some set photos and more, check out our Oldboy archive.

The American remake of Oldboy was stuck in development hell for so long, it was unclear it’d ever get made. But Spike Lee and his financiers have persevered, and now cameras are actually rolling on the revenge thriller — as you can see from a fresh batch of set photos showing Lee, his star Josh Brolin, and more.

Meanwhile, the project’s also making one last-minute change to its lineup. James Ransone has stepped up to replace his Red Hook Summer co-star Nate Parker in a supporting role, after the latter was forced to drop out due to scheduling issues. Read more and check out the new images after the jump.

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Good news for Spike Lee‘s new version of Oldboy: the film was picked up today by FilmDistrict, the company that released Drive. Along with that pickup comes some cast confirmation, so we know for certain that Josh Brolin will play a man kidnapped and imprisoned for years, Elizabeth Olsen will play the young woman he meets upon his release, and Sharlto Copley plays the villain. (Samuel L. Jackson and Nate Parker also have small roles.)

Along with that pickup comes an official press release, and in that release is a solid official synopsis for the film, giving us some new info about what changes Lee and screenwriter Mark Protosevich have made to the story.  Read More »

Spike Lee is turning to some familiar faces to help round out the cast of his Oldboy remake. After adding his Do the Right Thing star Samuel L. Jackson a few weeks back, Lee is turning to his Red Hook Summer actor Nate Parker for another supporting role. The up-and-comer’s other credits include ArbitrageRed Tails and The Secret Life of Bees.

A remake of Chan-wook Park‘s hit South Korean thriller, Oldboy centers around a man (Josh Brolin) out to exact revenge on the person who kidnapped and imprisoned him for mysterious reasons. Sharlto Copley plays the villain, while Elizabeth Olsen co-stars as a woman who aids and romances Brolin’s character. Parker is in talks to play a doctor colleague of Olsen’s. Oldboy will shoot this fall, likely for a 2013 release. [Variety]

After the jump, Carrie and The Evil Dead get synopses, and José Padilha responds to talk of Robocop difficulties.

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Spike Lee and Samuel L. Jackson have worked together four times, but their last film together was released over 20 years ago, before Jackson found a new level of fame thanks to Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. Those four films, School Daze, Do The Right Thing, Mo Better Blues, and Jungle Fever, were the core of Lee’s first wave as a director, and it is exciting to hear that Jackson will finally have a gig in a new joint from Lee.

The actor has been cast in Lee’s version of the revenge story Oldboy, which also stars Josh Brolin as a man who is abducted off the street and kept in a strange prison for fifteen years, for reasons unknown to him. Finally released, he seeks the person who jailed him, and the reason for his imprisonment. Details on Jackson’s role are after the break, along with info on the score, which will be provided by Bruce Hornsby. Read More »

Are you nervous that Spike Lee is remaking Oldboy starring Josh Brolin? So is Josh Brolin. The Oscar-nominee was asked about the film at the junket for Men in Black 3 and expressed true passion, knowledge and pause about making the film. He also confirmed the cast we’ve already heard about, Elizabeth Olson and Sharlto Copley, and said he wouldn’t agree to do the film unless original director Chan-wook Park gave his blessing. Which he did.

Brolin said the film will start shooting in October, after he finishes Jason Reitman’s Labor Day, and after the jump, read his quotes on the subject. Oh, and there will still be a hammerfight. Read More »

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