Joseph Kosinski is set to follow Tron Legacy with an original sci-fi idea that he hatched as a proof of concept graphic novel a couple years ago. The film is Oblivion (which has also been called Horizons, and said to be untitled as well) and was originally housed at Disney before the studio cut it loose. But the film ended up at Universal with Tom Cruise in the lead role, and now Morgan Freeman has joined the cast in an important role. Read More »


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Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski has seen a few things change with his film Oblivion over the last year. The title, for one: the film started out as Oblivion, then was Horizons for a while, then Oblivion once more, and is now untitled.

The film left Disney and went to Universal, where Tom Cruise signed on to play the lead, a soldier stationed on a future Earth, whose discovery of a mysterious woman in a crash-landed pod sets off a chain of events that cause him to question everything he knows.

For some time, Jessica Chastain was attached to play the other lead female roles, the wife of the main character. But scheduling conflicts came up with Katheryn Bigelow’s Osama Bin Laden film, and Chastain has moved on. Kosinski, however, has finally settled on his two female leads: Olga Kurylenko and Andrea Riseborough. Read More »

Apparently Joseph Kosinski‘s Horizons (a.k.a. Oblivion) is the plum gig for actresses in Hollywood right now. Last month, Jessica Chastain beat out a list of up-and-coming actresses — including Olga Kurylenko, Brit Marling, Noomi Rapace, and Olivia Wilde — for one of two lead female roles; this weekend, Hayley Atwell, Diane Kruger, and Kate Beckinsale will vie for the other. Whoever lands the sci-fi flick will be starring opposite Tom Cruise, who leads the cast as soldier and drone repairman Jak. Most details after the jump.

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Jessica Chastain‘s star continues to rise. The actress shot two films some time ago (The Debt and The Tree of Life) which both saw release this year along with Take Shelter, Wilde Salome, The Help, Texas Killing Fields and Coriolanus. That’s a lot of late-2011 exposure for an actress that was basically an unknown to the public as recently as this past May, even if much of it is only via festival appearances.

She’s also shot roles in The Wettest County in the World and Terrence Malick’s next film, and is set for the film Mama. And now she’s been tapped to co-star with Tom Cruise in Joseph Kosinski‘s Tron Legacy follow-up Horizons. (Once titled Oblivion.) Read More »

Briefly: You can probably call this the constant lineup of actresses that will test or be wishlisted for a great many lead female roles over the next year. Variety reports that Joeseph Kosinski is testing Jessica Chastain, Olga Kurylenko, Brit Marling, Noomi Rapace and Olivia Wilde for the lead female role opposite Tom Cruise in his latest film. The movie has been called Oblivion, and at once point looked like it would be renamed Horizons. When it moved to Universal from Disney, Oblivion was the title in play once more, but it looks like they’re going back to Horizons for the time being.

Regardless, the plot is the same:”In a future where the Earth’s surface has been irradiated beyond recognition, the remnants of humanity live above the clouds, safe from the brutal alien Scavengers that stalk the ruins. But when surface drone repairman Jak discovers a mysterious woman in a crash-landed pod, it sets off an unstoppable chain of events that will force him to question everything he knows.” Karl Gajdusek‘s rewrote William Monahan‘s script, which in turn was based on the original story hatched by Joseph Kosinski and Arvid Nelson.

Universal just added one entry to the 2012 Oscar race and two to the 2013 Summer box office bonanza. They just announced that Oliver Stone‘s adaptation of the Don Winslow novel Savages, starring Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively, Aaron Johnson, Emile Hirsch, Benicio Del Toro, Salma Hayek, Uma Thurman and John Travolta (wow), will bow on September 28, 2012, the sequel to the 2010 hit Despicable Me, cleverly called Despicable Me 2 for now, will hit theaters July 3, 2013 and the Joseph Kosinski-directed sci-fi epic Oblivion (which we’ve covered in excruciating detail) starring Tom Cruise will be released July 19, 2013.

Those last two are the first movies to get release dates in the July 2013. Get em while they’re hot!

Joseph Kosinski‘s post-Tron Legacy project, Oblivion, is now a ‘go’ picture. Months after Disney put the movie into turnaround, a PG-13 version of Oblivion now has Tom Cruise signed to take the lead role, “a soldier who’s stuck alone on the planet, repairing the drones that patrol and destroy a savage alien life form. He encounters a beautiful woman who crashes in a craft, and their experience together forces him to question his world view.” Read More »

Directing a movie that makes $400 million has its perks. Joseph Kosinski for example, who directed TRON: Legacy for Disney, had hoped to make his next film, Oblivion, with that studio. They bought the pitch and also snatched him up to make a third Tron as well as The Black Hole. In the end though, Disney felt the subject matter of Oblivion was a bit too raw for their liking and decided to let the project go. But, seeing Kosinski as someone they wanted to keep around, they afforded him the rare option to shop it around.

Apparently now Universal, who was one of the studios interested in the property when it first hit the market, is back in the driver’s seat, hoping to land the script, director and possibly even Tom Cruise to star in the sci-fi romance. Read more about the project, and how it could take the place of Guillermo Del Toro’s At the Mountains of Madness, below. Read More »

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