Nora Ephron, the writer and director responsible for some of the most charming movies in recent memory, passed away Tuesday at the age of 71 from a bout with leukemia. In her illustrious career, Ephron wrote Silkwood, When Harry Met Sally and My Blue Heaven as well as wrote and directed Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Michael and most recently Julie and Julia.

Nominated for three Oscars, Ephron leaves behind a lasting legacy that suggets we all can use a little more romance and a little more comedy. Thank you so much, Mrs. Ephron.



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In what sounds like a perfect match of filmmaker and material, Nora Ephron is set to write and direct Lost in Austen, a cinematic adaptation of a 2008 British miniseries about a modern-day Jane Austen fan who finds herself dropped into the middle of the events of Pride & Prejudice. Also on board is Bond 23 director Sam Mendes, who will produce with Pippa Harris. More details after the jump.

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Movie Trailer: Nora Ephron’s Julie and Julia

Julie & Julia

Since the leaked Transformers 2 trailer was taken down, I thought I’d bring you something equally as exciting (yes, that is sarcasm). Columbia Pictures has released the trailer for Nora Ephron‘s (Bewitched, You’ve Got Mail, Michael, Sleepless in Seattle) Julie & Julia on Moviefone. The film is actually an adaptation of two bestselling memoirs: Julie Powell’s Julie & Julia and My Life in France, by Julia Child with Alex Prud’homme. 

“Based on two true stories, Julie & Julia intertwines the lives of two women who, though separated by time and space, are both at loose ends…until they discover that with the right combination of passion, fearlessness and butter, anything is possible. ”

Up front and center are the performances by Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. Check out the trailer after the jump and leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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