Kevin Smith’s new film Red State is more than just a departure from his trademark comedic style. It’s almost a complete 180. The bright colors and pop culture references have been replaced with blacks, reds and long monologues about scripture. Smith’s still very reliant on the spoken word – almost to a fault – but now he balances it with machine guns, blood and hand held camera moves. This is a maturing, confident Smith who proves, after Cop Out, he still has a unique voice. With Red State, that voice isn’t saying anything incredibly groundbreaking, and at times it gets a tad preachy, but the director has expanded out of his comfort zone and given audiences a genuine piece of art.

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Kevin Smith has unveiled the final credit card of his upcoming horror film Red State, which promises that “almost this entire cast will return in Hit Somebody.”
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When Peter recently corresponded with Kevin Smith about recent quotes concerning the future of the filmmaker’s career, Mr. Smith said that he was about to announce the lead of his hockey comedy Hit Somebody. Indeed, today he posted the fourteenth episode of his Hollywood Babble-On podcast, during which he announced that Nicholas Braun, who was in Sky High and the 10 Things I Hate About You series, and also appears in Red State, has the lead in the hockey film. Read More »