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Yesterday the trades confirmed that Robert Rodriguez‘s next project will be a sci-fi action thriller called Nerverackers. The Weinstein Co just sent out their official press release, and the film is actually titled Nerveracker (non plural). The release also features more details regarding the film’s plot and elsewhere we get confirmation that Rodriguez is still developing a live-action big screen version of The Jetsons.

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I don’t think we will ever see a Sin City 2, but I guess I should never say never. All the same, it won’t be coming anytime soon – Robert Rodriguez has such a full slate, including the ever-expanding list of projects he’s producing but not directing.

The latest project to be linked to him is the mysterious Nerveracker. The first whiffs of this mystery project appeared on Box Office Mojo, and apparently they initially listed Rodriguez as director, but no distributor or production company information was given. Then the distributor appeared, and Rodriguez’ name disappeared…

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