Obviously, there’s a lot of Avengers today with the new trailer released. Want to read new quotes from Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner about the film? Where can you play an Avengers game right now? Is somewhere selling Avengers themed pet wear? Has a Spider-Man cake ended the trend of superhero cakes? Want to see Nathan Fillion talk about Justice League: Doom and act in a superhero comedy skit? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits. Read More »


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Want to hear Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern in Justice League: Doom? What does the latest image of The Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man look like? Does Alan Moore have kind words to say about Beyond Watchmen? Is there a Man of Steel trailer floating around out there? And what’s the latest with the Amazing Spider-Man viral? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits. Read More »

Yesterday, news broke of Joss Whedon‘s Much Ado About Nothing, an indie Shakespeare adaptation he’d filmed in secret while taking a short vacation from The Avengers, just ’cause. Little was known about the project when it was first announced, but in a recent interview the writer/director and stars Sean Maher and Amy Acker opened up a bit more, offering insight into the hows, whys, and whats — as well as the first stills from the film. More after the jump.

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No need to scream the geeky battle cry of “Nathan Fillion!” in this casting story, the star of Castle and Firefly already has the job. Fillion has been cast as Hal Jordan, aka the Green Lantern, in the latest film version of the DC Comics superhero. The film comes out this June, but it’s not the Martin Campbell/Ryan Reynolds live action film. Fillion instead will lend his voice to Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, a direct to video film by Warner Brothers Animation that will also feature the voices of Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men) Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter) Henry Rollins and Roddy Piper.

After the jump, read more about that project as well as who Zack Snyder‘s favorite Superman artists are, possibly hinting at what we might see in his film, as well as a few quotes from Marvel main man Kevin Feige about The Avengers. Read More »

Trivia: Han Solo Appears in ‘Firefly’

Have you ever noticed that Han Solo (Harrison Ford‘s iconic character from the original Star Wars trilogy) is hidden in the background in some sceenes of Joss Whedon‘s short lived sci-fi television series Firefly? Details and photos after the jump.

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When it was revealed last month that David O. Russell had found a leading man for his video game adaptation Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, fans went into an uproar because Russell had hired Mark Wahlberg instead of fan favorite Nathan Fillion.

A fan was videotaped approaching Russell at a recent screening of The Fighter at the Arclight Theatre in Hollywood, to see if the filmmaker would reconsider Fillion for the role. Even after being told by his agent that he watched an audition tape sent in by the Firefly star, Russell still has no idea who Fillion is and seems to have no knowledge of the internet campaign to get the actor cast in the big screen video game adaptation.

The whole interaction is just really embarrassing. But I have a feeling that Russell’s choice in Wahlberg is likely to haunt him for the next couple years as he encounters fans from around the world. Watch the video now embedded after the jump.
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If there ever was a pitch perfect piece of has-to-happen casting, it would be Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake. Fillion is the dashing, charismatic star of the current television show Castle who is best known for his role as the cocky, confident Captain Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds in Joss Whedon’s Firefly universe. Drake is the star of the Uncharted video game series (seen above), which is about a cocky, confident relic hunter in the mold of Indiana Jones, armed with a quicker tongue and a bigger penchant for violence. Well, last week, after Three Kings director David O. Russell officially signed to rewrite and direct a big screen adaptation of the first Uncharted video game, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, for Sony, Fillion sent out the bat signal to his 650,000 or so Twitter followers to campaign that he get the role. Hit the jump for more. Read More »

TIFF Movie Review: James Gunn’s Super

I was one of the many who really loved James Gunn‘s Slither, and have been highly looking forward to his follow-up. Super premiered on Friday night as part of the Midnight Madness line-up of the Toronto International Film Festival.

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