A ‘Nancy Drew’ Reboot Series is Coming to NBC

nancy drew reboot

Break out your magnifying glasses: Nancy Drew is getting remade for TV. Again.

The OG intrepid teen girl detective will be the star of a Nancy Drew reboot from NBC, a year after CBS turned down a series order of Drew, a procedural loosely inspired by the mystery novels. The same team behind DrewTony Phelan & Joan Rater and producer Dan Jinks, will be reworking the story idea for a brand new NBC TV series.

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Movie Review: Nancy Drew

Nancy DrewIn this post-Veronica Mars world, I was immediately drawn to Nancy Drew hoping to fill the now empty void. And as you might expect, the family comedy adaptation of the classic kids novel was not exactly what I was craving or even expecting. But that’s not a bad thing because Nancy Drew is one of the funnest family film I’ve seen in years, aside from may-be the Pixar flicks. Unlike other modern day teen adaptations, it doesn’t try to be “too-cool-for-school”, jam packing a soundtrack with hip new cover songs, and a cast of good looking model-level kids. Nancy Drew attempts to bring the crazy and absurd fun tone of the books on to the big screen, without dumbing it down, and without losing the good qualities in an attempt to make it more accessible to the target audience.

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17 New Photos from The Nancy Drew Movie

Nancy Drew Movie

Okay so we don’t usually post about family movies (outside of the computer generated flicks), but with the future of Veronica Mars in limbo, suddenly the Nancy Drew movie has caught our interest. And plus the sequel is already announced, so we can’t miss this one or we won’t know what’s going on. Check out 17 new photos from the movie below. As always, left click for higher resolution versions. And it you haven’t already, while you’re at it – check out the movie trailer.
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Nancy Drew 2 Announced, Emma Roberts to Return

Nancy DrewNow that Veronica Mars may be canceled (we are still unsure?), all we have to look forward to is the Nancy Drew movie (Movie Trailer). Well fear not, star Emma Roberts has already signed on for a sequel.
In the first film, Teen detective Nancy Drew (played by Emma Roberts) accompanies her father on a business trip to Los Angeles, where she happens upon clues to a murder mystery involving a movie star. Based on the book series created in 1930 by Edward Stratemeyer, of which over 200 million books have been sold worldwide.

Producer Jerry Weintraub, director Andrew Fleming and Roberts also announced another family friendly film for Warner Bros called Rodeo Girl. But who cares about that movie? Really.

Nancy Drew hits theaters on June 15th 2007.