Steven Spielberg arcades in movies

In honor of the news that Steven Spielberg will be directing a big screen adaptation of Ready Player One, here is our September 2014 posting about Spielberg’s love for video games and specifically his 1980’s arcade game collection.

An Arcades in Movies supercut has been posted online chronicling arcade games in cinema from the year 1975 to 1994. And to add something extra, I’ve included a gallery of photos of a young Steven Spielberg and his arcade collection from the 1980’s as well as details on a forward the young filmmaker wrote in a book on arcade video games. Check out the Steven Spielberg arcade game collection photos and more, after the jump.

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Atari and Fox Set Up ‘Missile Command’

Just over a year ago we heard that Atari was pitching a Missile Command movie. That’s a fairly ridiculous notion, given that the original arcade game was a story free way to mix simple geometry and gaming, but not a very surprising one given the way other projects have been set up at studios in recent months. (Ahem, Battleship, etc.)

At the time, it looked like Missile Command might end up at Fox, and now a year later that’s what has happened. And there are even writers attached to turn the (non)story of paranoid cold war geometry into a movie. Read More »