In the race to get a new version of The Three Musketeers to screens, it looks like Paul W.S. Anderson is pulling ahead of Doug Liman. Way ahead. Anderson’s film has had most of the cast set, and now is fitting the last puzzle pieces together. Juno Temple is in talks to play one of the last major open roles. Read More »


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How is it that there are competing Three Musketeers movies? Just as Doug Liman is confirmed as director for the Warner Bros. production, which is being fast-tracked to begin production this fall, we’ve got word on the cast for the other Three Musketeers movie, to be directed by Paul WS Anderson for Summit. Read More »

Initially the screenplay for Ridley Scott‘s Robin Hood called for Russell Crowe to play a dual role as both the Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood, but that idea was dropped early on. Scott decided to go a different direction. He has said in interviews that the Sheriff character is “less important”, and that the main villain of the story is actually the country of France. After countless casting announcements, not one mention of the actor who would play the Sheriff, even though there was mention of the character in the official plot synopsis. I wasn’t really interested in many of the news stories tonight so I decided to do some digging, and have found the answer.

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