Pascal Laugier‘s 2008 French film, Martyrs, is one hardcore horror movie. Like plenty of other successful foreign horror films, it’s gotten the U.S. remake treatment. An American version of Martyrs has been in the works for over five years now, and today we’re getting our first real glimpse at the film. Watch the Martyrs trailer after the jump.

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For those who’ve seen the original French horror film Martyrs, directed by Pascal Laugier, the notion of an American remake probably seemed a bit absurd. The divisive, very hardcore film doesn’t seem like the sort of film that a studio would slap a logo on, even if you were talking about the studio that turned out a film like Hostel. (In this case, we’re not — this remake is from some of the Twilight producers.)

I can’t imagine this news will make the film seem like a more promising project: Daniel Stamm, the director of The Last Exorcism, has been hired to direct. It’s not the fact of his hire that worries me, so much as how he describes the film. Read More »


Cue a whole lot of irritated groans. A couple weeks back we updated on the remake of the extreme French horror film Martyrs, basically noting that (a) Mark L. Smith had penned a script and (b) the remake sounds, on the surface, like a terrible idea.

What I didn’t note at the time is that Twilight producer Wyck Godfrey is one of the producers. This weekend, while doing junket press for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Godfrey said a couple of things about Martyrs. The headline getting statement: he’d love to have Kristen Stewart star. Read More »


Because John Hillcoat has a strange machinima mini-film coming out to promote the game Red Dead Redemption later this week, I’ve been wondering about his other upcoming projects. And now we’ve got a report that Vacancy and The Hold 3D writer Mark L. Smith is writing The Revenant, which Hillcoat will direct, with Christian Bale currently in talks to star. If that isn’t enough for Smith, he’s got a couple of other big scripts going, including a remake of the firebrand French film Martyrs. Read More »

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Jean-Claude Van Damme has made some pretty questionable career choices, but whether you love or hate the guy, you really have to admire the ingenuity on display in JCVD, which is very much a response to that rather misguided career. In the film he plays himself: a broke, out-of-luck actor who’s battling for the custody of his daughter. But when he’s thrown into a real-life hostage situation, the world sees a side of Van Damme they’ve never seen before. Marking the first ever Van Damme flick to be ranked ‘fresh’ on Rotten Tomatoes, the meta, self-referential and utterly unique JCVD has been praised heavily for Jean-Claude’s touching and deeply personal performance, which—much like the depicted storyline—also shows a side of him that the world’s never seen before.
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