While Fantastic Fest brings in some of the biggest and baddest genre films the world has to offer, it’s also well-known for giving a shot to the ultra small budget features. Two examples this year are Manborg by Steven Jon Kostanski and Invasion of Alien Bikini by Oh Young-doo. The former is like Robocop or The Terminator if those were made for Arnold’s lunch money and the main character was battling demons from Hell. Invasion of Alien Bikini is about a deadly alien trapped in a beautiful girl’s body who attempts to steal the sperm from a real-life superhero. Only at Fantastic Fest. Read more on each film after the jump. Read More »

The 2011 edition of the most insane and disturbing film festival imaginable, Fantastic Fest, begins on Thursday. For a week straight some of the most violent, disgusting and frightening films from across the world will descend on the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar in Austin, Texas and while we’ve already told you what films we’re most excited for, there’s only one man who knows about them all: Tim League. League is not only the CEO of the Drafthouse, he’s the co-creator of Fantastic Fest and its Creative Director, meaning almost every film and event that’s schedule has to go through his unique filter.

After the jump is our interview with League in which he discusses some of this year’s wild parties, five films he think we’ll all be talking about after the festival, why Universal’s The Thing and Toronto Midnight Madness winner The Raid (most likely) won’t be screening, his frightening fight with Knuckle star James Quinn McDonagh, the expansion of the Alamo and Mondo brands and much more. Read More »