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By now you probably know J.J. AbramsStar Wars Episode VII has begun filming. You probably also know the cast photo we saw two weeks ago isn’t the full cast. Besides dozens of small supporting roles, there are still some leads yet to be cast and a new report might have named two of them. The first one we knew. Maisie Richardson-Sellers, the U.K. based actress and Oxford student rumored a few weeks back, is reportedly in the film. Then there’s Katie Jarvis, another U.K. actress best known for the twisted Fish Tank starring Michael Fassbender.  Read More »


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Today’s bombshell news of the primary cast for J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars Episode VII was met with one major and valid piece of criticism. Of all the new additions, only one woman – Daisy Ridley – was part of the cast. This was odd for a few reasons, the most obviously being huge gender imbalance but also because the original casting breakdowns had two female parts. It seems one last Star Wars female character has yet to be cast.   Read More »


Despite names of every popular actor being rumored for Star Wars Episode VII, there was always a good chance J.J. Abrams would cast unknowns. That was the point of widely publicized, worldwide open auditions. Plus, it would be in the spirit of the 1977 original, when actors Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford themselves were relative unknowns. It’s become very obvious Abrams loves harkening back to the originals.

In that spirit, a new name has been mentioned for a potential role. Her name is Maisie Richardson-Sellers; she’s a U.K. based actress and Oxford student who has no film credits, but gained some acclaim for British stage performances. Read More »

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