Earlier today we got a look at the promo site for Rian Johnson‘s third feature film Looper, and a big part of that promotion focuses on the gadgets, vehicles and gear that the loopers — future assassins — use. Now there is a great new international trailer that shows some of that gear in action. It also might put forth one of the best looks we’ve had at the film yet, without seeming to give too much away.

Some of the new stuff here is the incidental look at the good life that loopers live — part of the film’s conceit is that these killers are very highly paid and almost elite, as a trade-off for the fact that they may eventually be forced to assassinate themselves. That leads to a few questions, but first check out the new trailer below. Read More »


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Here are two great score previews. One is a five-minute piece that previews the Nathan Johnson score for his cousin Rian Johnson‘s film Looper. The video features Nathan Johnson discussing some of the ideas behind the score for the film, and features many samples of the music along with an explanation of where the samples used in the score came from.

The other preview isn’t even a preview — it’s the full Hans Zimmer score for The Dark Knight Rises. We’ve heard previews of some tracks, but now you can stream the whole thing. Fortunately for those who have stayed away from the most spoiler-laden reports, the track titles shouldn’t give much away. Then again, those who don’t want to be spoiled probably won’t be listening to the entire score before the film comes out, anyway. Read More »

Friday is the second ‘official’ day of each San Diego Comic Con, and it’s the day where things start to kick into gear. The SDCC organization and various film studios announced their Friday plans today, and there are some great things happening.

The best are at Sony’s panel in Hall H, where the studio will show off Rian Johnson‘s Looper (with Johnson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Emily Blunt in attendance) and debut the first footage from Neill Blomkamp‘s Elysium (with Blomkamp, producer Simon Kinberg, Matt Damon and Jodie Foster showing up). Comic Con could be said to be Blomkamp’s first home, as that’s where his debut feature District 9 first got loads of attention, back in 2008.

This schedule also shows that television is taking a pole position this year, as Hall H has big presentations for The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, and there are big events for Firefly, Community, Breaking Bad, and many more shows.

There’s a lot more going on during the day, but hit the jump to get some highlights. Read More »

Did you think yesterday’s international trailer for Rian Johnson‘s time traveling, sci-fi action film Looper was good? Then you’re about to really lose your mind. Sony has just released the domestic theatrical trailer, which will likely be attached to The Amazing Spider-Man, and it blows that one out of the water.

Where the international trailer was just building off the already fantastic teaser trailer, this one goes further, showcasing us so much new, amazing looking stuff that it might be too much for the spoiler weary to handle. That said, audiences are bound to flip when they see Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Wills swap quips and punches in a diner. The film will be released September 28. Check out the new trailer below. Read More »

The first trailer for Rian Johnson‘s upcoming sci-fi action film Looper gave a great sense of the time traveling world the writer/director has created. Now a second trailer has come online and it takes that and builds upon it with more story, character, action and pure awesome.

Check out the international trailer for Looper, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Jeff Daniels, Emily Blunt and more. It’ll be released September 28. Read More »

Usually, we have to wait for the Blu-ray/DVD release to watch deleted scenes or check out a new cut of a film. But in the case of Rian Johnson‘s highly anticipatedĀ Looper, we’ll just have to travel to Asia. The sci-fi flick will be released in a longer “more Shanghai-centric edition” in Chinese theaters, which will include footage of the city’s streets and landmarks per the request of Chinese financiers.

There may not be any need to get too jealous, however. The scenes were reportedly cut from the English-language version because they didn’t test well with American audiences, who felt the film flowed better without them. More details after the jump.

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Because I’ve tried to avoid footage of Looper as much as possible in order to preserve the surprise of the film — something that will prove next to impossible to continue over the next few months, I’m sure — a new poster is just the thing to chew on.

This UK poster for Rian Johnson‘s third feature film calls back to the set photo we saw so many months ago, seen above, as it shows the rather crude-looking time travel device that helps power the film’s plot. Said plot features assassins using time travel as a means of cleanly eliminating targets — people are sent back in time, and disposed of in the past. Joseph Gordon Levitt plays one of those killers, who is faces the future version of himself, played by Bruce Willis.

Check it out in full below. Read More »

Rian Johnson‘s Looper, the time-travel thriller in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis play younger and older versions of the same hitman, is still my most anticipated film of 2012. And so I haven’t even watched the teaser trailer that debuted a couple weeks back, nor even the little preview clips released to announce the teaser. I’d like to go in as cold as possible; after reading some of the early screening reviews last year I figure I know enough already.

But checking out a few stills is probably safe enough. And so here are new images from Looper, featuring one of the first looks at the character played by Emily Blunt, as well as a couple new angles on JGL in full Bruce Willis prosthetic mode. Check out a small gallery below. Read More »

Wednesday night at CinemaCon, Sony Pictures presented footage, clips and trailers from their upcoming 2012 line-up. Included in the reel was the first teaser trailer forĀ Skyfall, a new sizzle reel for The Amazing Spider-Man, clips from Men In Black 3, An extended trailer for Looper, and some extended sequences from Total Recall. Per usual, I recorded a video blog after the presentation with Alex from FirstShowing and Frosty from Collider. We give our reactions to the footage without spoilers or in depth descriptions. Watch the video blog now embedded after the jump.

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