Here’s your first look at footage from Steven Spielberg‘s Lincoln, which comes in the form of a trailer for the trailer. The real trailer will hit on September 13, after the previously announced Google+ Hangout with Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. But for now you can get your first taste of footage from the film below.

You won’t see much of Daniel Day-Lewis in motion as the sixteenth President of the United States, but you will hear him. (Edit: Or you might not hear him after all — seems like it is the soldier rather than Daniel Day-Lewis speaking.) The voiceover heard here is a snippet from the Gettysburg Address, no matter who is intoning the famous words delivered on November 19, 1863.

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Hey, remember Google+? The company wants you to remember that the social networking/info sharing service exists, and is using Steven Spielberg and his trailer for Lincoln to do it. When the film’s poster (cropped above) showed up online we figured the trailer might only be a couple days away. In fact we have to wait just a bit longer than that, but not by a whole lot.

The first Lincoln footage will be shown via a Google+ hangout (that is: a fancy video chat) with Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, on September 13.

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Steven Spielberg‘s Lincoln feels like a film we’ve known about forever. Actually, it’s been well-over five years since the director attached himself to the project, originally starring Liam Neeson as the nation’s 16th President. Eventually, Daniel Day-Lewis took the role but once shooting began in 2011, things got very, very quiet. In the last few weeks though, the marketing has really begun to kick in for the November 9 release: the first official still, the teaser poster, a trailer can’t be long off and now the track listing to John Williams‘ score has been revealed.

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When you’ve got a near-perfect recreation of a figure like Abraham Lincoln as the centerpiece of a film, the only way to promote that film is by showing it off. And so here’s the first poster for Steven Spielberg‘s Lincoln, which stars Daniel Day-Lewis as the sixteenth US President, caught towards the end of his life. This shot carries forward the tone suggested by the first official production still, and cements what we’ve known about the film: that it pictures the President as he is in the midst of a combative political climate, facing grave challenges.

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Here’s what many people have been waiting to see since Steven Spielberg cast Daniel Day-Lewis in his presidential biopic Lincoln: an official shot of Lewis in costume and makeup as our sixteenth president. He looks fantastic — almost eerily like our image of the man — pictured in what could well be his seat at the Ford Theater, where John Wilkes Booth would take Lincoln’s life only minutes later.

The film is based on the book Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin, which chronicles Lincoln’s often combative relationship with his combative cabinet, especially in the last months of his life, when he was attempting to navigate the aftermath of the Civil War and the end of slavery. This image captures Lincoln’s famously contemplative character; see the full shot below. Read More »

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Briefly: Some of you will be very happy to be able to mark your calendars with a solid date for Steven Spielberg‘s Lincoln, which stars Daniel Day-Lewis as the sixteenth president. Appropriately, the film opens limited on November 9, but then goes wide on November 16. So we’ll get a classic president on screens just after we make the choice for our next one.

The film also features a few other people: Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Hal Holbrook, James Spader, John Hawkes, Tim Blake Nelson, Bruce McGill, Joseph Cross, David Costabile, Byron Jennings, Dakin Matthews, Boris McGiver, Gloria Reuben, Jeremy Strong, David Warshofsky, David Strathairn, Walton Goggins, Lee Pace, Jackie Earle Haley, David Oyelowo and Jared Harris.

Lincoln, which is scripted by Tony Kushner based on Doris Kearns Goodwin‘s book Team of Rivals, has some minor competition on that first opening day: a little action movie called Skyfall.

Tommy Lee Jones is not an easy man to impress. For example, on the set of Men In Black 3, Will Smith said you knew you told a really, really hilarious joke when Jones cracked the tiniest of smiles. That said, the praise he laid upon Daniel Day-Lewis, his co-star in Steven Spielberg‘s upcoming Lincoln, is very exciting. Jones, who is something of a history expert, said no one has ever portrayed Lincoln as well as Day-Lewis does in this film. Being as we have yet to see anything official from Lincoln, this is more than just a ringing endorsement.

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New Photo: Daniel Day-Lewis on the Set of ‘Lincoln’


The internet went collectively nuts over a candid photo of Daniel Day Lewis sporting Abraham Lincoln’s beard, so I wonder what will happen now that we’ve got a photo of the actor in full Lincoln regalia, hat and all. The effect probably won’t be as great, actually, since that first look was really the crucial one. Regardless, here’s the first good image of Daniel Day-Lewis on the set of Steven Spielberg‘s Lincoln, which has now been shooting for a little bit. The actor looks magnificent as the 16th President of the United States, but I don’t think anyone expected anything less. Read More »

While most of us are still gearing up to see Steven Spielberg‘s next two movies, War Horse and The Adventures of Tintin, the filmmaker himself is working on the next thing. That next thing is Lincoln, which has been filming in Richmond, Virginia and stars Daniel Day Lewis as America’s legendary 16th President. Though the film has been shooting since October, casting is still ongoing and we have yet to see any paparazzi shots of the incredibly famous cast (among them Sally Field, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tommy Lee Jones, John Hawkes, Hal Holbrook, James Spader, Tim Blake Nelson, David Strathairn, Jackie Earle Haley and David Oyelowo) because shooting was all indoors.

That’s about to change, though, and one intrepid college student snapped a photo of Day Lewis in a local restaurant. He’s not dressed as Honest Abe but that beard is unmistakable. Check out the image and learn more about the Lincoln shoot after the jump. Read More »

Briefly: The evil professor Moriarty, arch-enemy of Sherlock Holmes, is about to become the famed Union general and President of the United States Ulysses S. Grant. Steven Spielberg has found one of the last pieces of his Lincoln puzzle in talented character actor Jared Harris, familiar to fans of Mad Men and shortly to be seen in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes: A game of Shadows.

The actor joins a massive cast in the key role of General Grant, who was a great supporter of Abraham Lincoln (Daniel Day-Lewis) and might actually have been in the Ford Theater when Lincoln was assassinated had he not chosen to go to Philadelphia instead.

Lincoln should be shooting soon, and the film’s release date is not yet set. The cast also includes Sally Field, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tommy Lee Jones, John Hawkes, Hal Holbrook, James Spader, Tim Blake Nelson, Bruce McGill, Joseph Cross, David Strathairn, Walton Goggins, Lee Pace, Jackie Earle Haley and David Oyelowo. [Variety]