Linklater’s Liars (A-E) is Dead


Richard Linklater can barely catch a break this year. His film Me & Orson Welles finally found marginal distribution, and hasn’t been nabbing particularly good reviews. That’s What I’m Talking About, his ‘spiritual sequel’ to Dazed & Confused, couldn’t get off the ground earlier this year. And now Liars (A-E), the film he recently set up at Miramax, is dead, too. Linklater even says that School of Rock 2 isn’t going anywhere. Man, someone give this guy a break! Read More »


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Well, looks like we’re really not getting that ‘spiritual sequel’ to Dazed & Confused any time soon. Variety reports that Richard Linklater is close to finishing a deal to direct the film Liars (A-E) for Miramax, with Scott Rudin producing. Emma Forrest wrote the script, “about a woman who, on the way to President Obama’s inauguration, retrieves lost items from her ex-boyfriends.” Eeessh. No casting yet for the lead, but Kat Dennings is on board as the friend of the main character. Requiem for the indie film I would really have rather seen him make after the jump. Read More »