Last year we posted an awesome fan-made movie trailer for a big screen Green Lantern film, edited together by Jaron Pitts using clips from a bunch of different movies, using composited computer generated imagery. If you haven’t seen it before, click the link and watch it now.

Scott Glassgold, co-chief of IAM Entertainment, saw the Green Lantern trailer shortly after acquiring remake rights to Technotise – Edit i ja, a Serbian anime movie based on a graphic novel of the same name. He commissioned Jaron to edit together a trailer to “raise awareness for the property and bring to life our vision for a live-action remake.”

The trailer was released online in January and apparently caught the eye of Avatar executive producer Laeta Kalogridis.

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Last year, Dreamworks bought the rights to Masamune Shirow‘s original manga Ghost in the Shell and tapped Jamie Moss to write a new feature film based on the story. Now a new writer has been assigned: Laeta Kalogridis, the scribe and executive producer of Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island. Read More »