Pixar movies are great on their own, so the fact that each begins with equally exciting short is merely icing on the cake. The Pixar shorts are legendary, award-winning and nowadays, almost as anticipated as the features themselves. Rumor has it that Cars 2 will have a Toy Story themed short called Hawaii, starring Barbie and Ken, in front of it, but what about the Pixar films coming out in subsequent years? Kevin Reher, a producer of Day & Night, which was in front of Toy Story 3, dropped a few hints in a recent interview. Read his quotes after the break. Read More »


For the past couple months, we’ve been speculating about the nature of Day & Night, the new Pixar short film that will be attached to prints of Toy Story 3. We saw one still not long ago that made the film look like a 2D affair, with a real visual callback to some of the wackier 2D animated shorts of the ’60s and early ’70s.

But quotes from Pixar said the characters would be hand-drawn, with CGI images inside. The short was also said to be “unlike anything Pixar has produced before.” Now there is a new image that reflects that, and makes the film look like a very interesting combination of 2D and 3D animation. Read More »