In front of Thor: The Dark World, you saw a new Marvel Studios logo, which retains the old “flipping comic pages” concept, but adds a new 3D element to the studio’s name, as well as a studio fanfare, by Brian Tyler. The original logo animation has become very familiar over the past decade, but Kevin Feige now explains why the studio thought it was time to move forward with a new design. Read More »


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Alex Pardeen - Batman vs Superman

After a few days away, Superhero Bits is back. And it’s big.

What are the latest casting rumors for Batman vs. Superman? Which colors will the Batsuit be? Want to see a few new images from X-Men: Days of Future Past? How does Kevin Feige describe Quicksilver and Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron? Is there a Man of Steel video about the Metropolis destruction? Did Alan Taylor apologize to James Gunn about his comments about Thor: The Dark World credits scenes? Is there a video explaining the end of Thor: The Dark World? Has a leaked casting sheet offered up some details on Ant-Man? Want to see a bust from Superman: Flyby? Read about all that and more in the return of Superhero Bits. Read More »

Infinity Gauntlet

Time for more Thor: The Dark World spoiler talk, specifically with respect to the mid-credits tag in the film. If you saw the movie this weekend and wondered what was going on with that guy in the first tag, all the explanation you need is below, along with some educated guesses about what the scene means for future Marvel films. Read More »

Loki Jane Thor Dark World

This article contains major spoilers for Thor: The Dark World.

One of the best things about Thor: The Dark World is it leaves many intriguing unanswered questions. The biggest one involves the ripple effect of the mid-credits scene, which we’ll discuss shortly. But there’s also the fate of Loki. As you know if you’ve seen the film, there’s no real definitive answer as to Loki’s intentions at the end. To get an answer, I went to the source (or sources): Tom Hiddleston, director Alan Taylor and Marvel President Kevin Feige. I asked each what they thought of the film’s ending, and the answers suggest it has major Phase 3 implications.

We also found out why Kurse didn’t let Loki out of his cage, where exactly Thor ends up at the very end of the movie, and why the final credits tag is there at all. Below, read the quotes from the men who made the decisions.  Read More »

Thor Dark World Loki header

Even though Thor is the title character in Thor: The Dark World, it’s pretty obvious who the fans really want to see: Tom Hiddleston as Loki. The filmmakers knew this too, and after production completed, shot additional footage to add more of the character. That’s not the only influence the actor had on the film, however. In several older interviews, Hiddleston mentioned he pitched Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige on multiple ideas for his character and that some of them actually got used in the film.

So what specifically was he referring to? I asked Hiddleston just that, and his answer is more important to the film’s story than you’d think. We don’t spoil specifics of Thor: The Dark World below, but the conversation does indicate one big general aspect of the film. Read More »

Kevin Feige in Iron Man 2

Yup, more quotes from Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. But when the man in charge of such an exciting slate of films actually comes out and talks to the press (a rarity in the business in general – do you see Kathleen Kennedy doing as much press?) you’d be smart to pay attention.

With his latest quotes, Feige discusses one of the subgenres Marvel has yet to tackle on film, but have started discussing, is an old-school secret identity film. Then, over in the TV realm, he teases the possibility of a more mature, non-network Marvel TV show potentially focusing on Daredevil or the Punisher, and the possibility of Phase 2 films having ramifications on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Read the quotes below. Read More »

Kevin Feige on the set of Iron Man 2

This week should have been dubbed “Kevin Feige Week” on the blogosphere. Fresh from the Thor: The Dark World press tour, the president of Marvel Studios is answeringand teasing – all kinds of things about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Phase 2, Phase 3, the TV spin-offs and much more. What’s crazy at point though, Feige has done so much press, it’s got to a point where he’s now answer questions about answers he gave earlier in the week, such as our exclusive quotes concerning Ultron.

Below, we have a selection of quotes from the Marvel Studios president discussing the recent Ben Kingsley news, rumored Ant-Man casting, Avengers: Age of Ultron details, more Iron Man films, a Hulk solo movie and much, much more. Read More »

Kevin Feige

Most people are made of cells; Kevin Feige is made of news. Seemingly every time the Marvel Studios president does an interview, he drops a ton of interesting news about the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe. Speaking to Feige in London this weekend about Thor: The Dark World was no different. While the majority of that conversation dealt with major spoilers from the film (check back after the November 8 opening for that talk) he did offer up some interesting quotes about Marvel moving ahead.

First up, Feige said we’ve already heard all of the new properties they’re working on, most of which haven’t been officially announced. Things like Doctor Strange, Inhumans, Hulk etc. He then talked about why Ultron is bad enough to cause The Avengers to assemble again, but Malekith (in Thor: The Dark World) is not. Third, while Tom Hiddleston has confirmed he won’t be in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Feige said he wouldn’t be back before Thor 3. (A film they have ideas about, but is far from official). Finally, he explained how the Marvel release schedule might look moving ahead and that Comic-Con 2014 isn’t assuredly where we’d find out about those new films.

Read selections from our interview below. Read More »

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