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Last week it was revealed that Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann would be reprising roles as husband and wife from Apatow’s 2007 hit Knocked Up in Judd Apatow‘s currently untitled comedy set for release June 1, 2012. There was some confusion about if the movie was a prequel or sequel, and Apatow was quick to clarify that the film would be a stand-alone spin-off (much like the Apatow-produced Get Him To The Greek was a spin-off of Forgetting Sarah Marshall). But will Seth Rogen or Katherine Heigl appear, reprising their roles as Ben Stone and Allison Scott? I mean, they are best friends with Pete and Debbie, right?

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We just talked about the possibly-revived Neighborhood Watch; now here’s news on another sci-fi comedy that has been kicking around for a while. Used Guys was once meant to be directed by Jay Roach (Austin Powers, Meet the Parents) with Jim Carrey and Ben Stiller starring as men “in a future run by women, where cloned male slaves are traded like cars.” Fox shut down the film when the budget started to escalate and most of the talent moved on to other projects.

Now Danny McBride is attached to the role Jim Carrey would have played. Little Miss Sunshine directors Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton were attached to direct last year, and they remain a part of the project. A small mention in Variety says that Fox is looking for a ‘scaled-down’ production, compared to the expensive Jay Roach version. No word on other cast attachments for now, including whether Ben Stiller, who stuck around when others bailed, is still part of the film. [The Playlist]

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Life As We Know It
Warner Bros has released the first movie trailer for Everwood/The Broken Hearts Club helmer Greg Berlanti‘s romantic comedy Life As We Know It. Berlanti might be better known to /Film readers as the writer/producer of the Green Lantern movie, and the possible director of the big screen adaptation of The Flash. The movie stars Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel, Josh Lucas, and Christina Hendricks, in a story about “two single adults who become caregivers to an orphaned girl when their mutual best friends die in an accident.”

This is one of those trailer that totally shows you the entire movie. Not that I was ever planning to see this movie, but now I don’t really have to. I’ll admit, I did laugh at the Slumdog joke. Watch the trailer now after the jump. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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Killers Movie Trailer #2


Lionsgate has released the second movie trailer for Robert Luketic‘s upcoming action-comedy Killers, starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl on Hulu. Seems like just another middle of the road comedy from both stars. Watch it now embedded after the jump, and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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It was just a few days ago that we heard a prequel/reboot of Mr. and Mrs. Smith is under consideration. But why bother, when there’s Killers, a movie about a woman who marries a seemingly perfect guy, only to discover that he’s a government operative/assassin? Of course she gets in on the action, turning this into another buddy movie like Mr. and Mrs. Smith; i.e. one where the buddies in action could actually make out.

Oh, and the couple in question are Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher. Maybe we do need that Smith reboot after all. Read More »


The cast for Jim Sheridan‘s new film Dream House has shaped up to be pretty impressive. We’ve had Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts so far; now Rachel Weisz has entered the fray. She’ll play Craig’s wife. He’s “a successful publisher who quits his Gotham job and relocates his wife and two daughters to a quaint New England town, only to discover that their perfect new home was the murder scene of a mother and her two children.”

There’s a bit more to the script than that, but I’m shying away from posting all the spoilery stuff here. Suffice to say that I’m curious about what Sheridan will do with the picture. [Variety]

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The Ugly Truth Movie Trailer #2

The Ugly Truth

Columbia Pictures has released the trailer for the Robert Luketic (21, Legally Blonde) directed romantic comedy The Ugly Truth. Katherine Heigl plays Abby Richter, a romantically challenged morning show producer whose search for Mr. Perfect has left her hopelessly single.  She’s in for a rude awakening when her bosses team her with Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler), a hardcore TV personality who promises to spill the ugly truth on what makes men and women tick.

Basically, we have your paint by numbers romantic comedy, complete with the cute-yet-somewhat-bitchy female lead who is able to change the asshole-yet-”extremely hot” male lead into a somewhat like-able caring guy by the time the credits roll. And normally I’d just write this film off, but the screenwriters involved wrote 10 Things I Hate About You, which was one of my favorite high school romantic comedies of all time.

At ShoWest, Sony screened a scene from the film in which through a series of convoluted yet somewhat believable events, Heigl’s character ends up wearing remote controlled vibrating panties to a business meeting. The remote falls out of Heigl’s purse, and finds its way into the hands of a child at one of the other tables, who begins to play with it. The result is an orgasmic comedic restaurant scene which makes the infamous scene from When Harry Met Sally look like a Disney movie. Listen, I’m not saying the film is going to be hilarious, but the scene they showed was pretty damn funny. The trailer on the other hand, not so much. You can watch the trailer below, and tell me what you think in the comments.

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