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Director Karyn Kusama returns this year with The Invitation, which impressed the hell out of me when it debuted in the Midnight program at the recent SXSW film festival. The film watches as a couple (Logan Marshall-Green and Emayatzy Corinealdi) heads to a dinner party thrown by the guy’s former wife and her new partner (Tammy Blanchard and Michiel Huisman), where signs quickly begin to suggest that things are very much off with the hosts. They seem to have been recruited into a cult of some sort, but is their new mindset actually a problem, or just kinda weird?

The Invitation is a gripping thriller with a really ominous tone and a terrific ending. Now Drafthouse Films has picked up the movie for worldwide distribution. Read More »


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2012 is already shaping up to be the biggest year yet of Adam Brody‘s post-OC career, as the actor books two more high-profile roles. One is Some Girls, a feature adaptation of Neil LaBute‘s recent play about an almost-married man who travels across the country to visit his ex-girlfriends. [Update: The Hollywood Reporter writes that Mad Men helmer Jennifer Getzinger will direct the drama.]

But Brody’s next project will likely be Rob Meltzer‘s Welcome to the Jungle, as that project will shoot next month in Puerto Rico. The story centers around a design firm that goes on retreat to a tropical island, only to become stranded and see Lord of the Flies-style chaos break out. Brody will play the protagonist, who must save his colleagues from a power-hungry leader. Brody’s only one of a rather eclectic cast that also includes Rob Huebel, Dennis Haysbert, Kristen Schaal, and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Brody is currently filming Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman’s Lovelace, in which he plays porn star Harry Reems opposite Amanda Seyfried’s Linda Lovelace. This year also sees him starring in Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, Whit Stillman’s Damsels in Distress, the indie dramedy Revenge for Jolly!, and last year’s TIFF entry The Oranges.

After the jump, The Comedian fathers Hit Girl.

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Karyn Kusama is looking to follow up Jennifer’s Body, which she directed from Diablo Cody’s script, with The Rut, a film about a father and daughter who have a relationship based around hunting and survival. To make things more interesting, Chloe Moretz is in talks to star as the daughter. Read More »


As Jennifer’s Body revs up to roll out this weekend, Karyn Kusama is hitting the town and giving plenty of promotional interviews. When asked about potential follow up pictures in the horror genre – an inevitable question, really – Kusama has let slip some tidbits about a rather interesting sounding project that she has herself co-written. And how is this for a pair of selling points for you: as well as revealing that Rachel Weisz is attached to the film, Kusama has evoked David Cronenberg in suggesting the particular kind of ‘body horror’ we can expect.

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Tonight Fox showed off what is roughly the first fifteen minutes of Jennifer’s Body, and followed the presentation with a brief mini-press conference featuring star Megan Fox, director Karyn Kusama, writer Diablo Cody and producer Jason Reitman. The footage surprised me; I didn’t think much of the trailer, but really enjoyed the vibe that was given a chance to develop over these early sequences that set the film’s tone. I walked away thinking of Jennifer’s Body much as I did Drag Me To Hell last year: this could be a smart but (in some ways) old-school horror film created by people who love the form.

Many more details after the jump, but (obviously, since I’m talking about the first chunk of the movie) there are some potential spoilers. I’ll keep them to a minimum. Read More »

Jennifer’s Body Green Band Movie Trailer

Jennifer's Body

Earlier this week you watched the red band trailer for for Jennifer’s Body, now check out the PG-Rated Green Band trailer which was just released online. Written by Academy Award winner Diablo Cody and directed by Karyn Kusama, the film tells the story of a small-town high school hottie Jennifer (Megan Fox) who is possessed by a hungry demon and begins eating boys.

The new trailer features an introduction from Megan Fox, and lacks some of the more sexual visuals, a Thai joke and hipster music of the red band. Basically, the trailer is cut to appeal to the masses. Watch the trailer embedded after the jump, and tell me what you think in the comments below.

The red band trailer got great response, but the hatred for Diablo Cody is still running at a high, which I honestly don’t understand. Cody just tweetedSome guy in Idaho just tweeted that I’ve ruined cinema. Already? Had no idea I was so hugely influential. Suck it, Truffaut!” … “Love the idea that one person who doesn’t even DIRECT can singlehandedly destroy an industry. I’m like GM killing the streetcar!”

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jennifer's body fangoria

After the red band trailer, you might have thought that you had a pretty good idea of what Jennifer’s Body is about. But this new photo, published over at Fangoria, proves that we haven’t seen everything yet.

Written by Academy Award winner Diablo Cody and directed by Karyn Kusama, the film tells the story of a small-town high school hottie Jennifer (Megan Fox) who is possessed by a hungry demon and begins eating boys. If you missed the red band movie trailer which was unleashed earlier this week, check it out here. Jennifer’s Body hits theaters on September 18th 2009.

Jennifer’s Body Red Band Movie Trailer

Jennifer's Body

20th Century Fox has released a red band movie trailer for the Diablo Cody-scripted Karyn Kusama-directed teen horror film Jennifer’s Body on Shock. Remember how we told you that a trailer for the film would be attached to Bruno on Friday? Well apparently that trailer is “a straight horror preview” but the filmmakers wanted to also release a red band which they’re calling a “filmmaker’s cut” which they think “captures the comedy and scares of the horror films we grew up on – a kind of nostalgia for when horror films were fun.”

The film tells the story of a small-town high school hottie Jennifer (Megan Fox) who is possessed by a hungry demon and begins eating boys. But will this film actually make us scared of Megan Fox’s sexiness? I enjoyed the script when I originally read it around the time Juno was really hot. The trailer looks good but if I had any complaint, it would be that the dialogue seems a bit too PG-13, compared to the R-rated sex and violence imagery. But overall it looks good. Watch the trailer after the jump and leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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