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John Carter wasn’t the franchise-launching film that Disney hoped for, and now we know for certain that it will be Disney’s only effort to exploit the Mars-set stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs. The studio no longer has the rights to the John Carter character, as that package has been regained by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., the publishing company created by the author in 1923. With the John Carter rights back in hand, the company hopes to get the character out to a new studio for more films. Read More »


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John Carter sequels

Any way you slice it, John Carter was a big fat flop. Which means our chances of ever getting a sequel are essentially zero. But there was a time when Disney was hoping the film would launch a full-fledged franchise. And now, thanks to director Andrew Stanton, we have some idea of where it might have gone. Hit the jump to see what he’s revealed.

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March 9, 2012. One year ago was the day Andrew Stanton‘s epic Disney adventure John Carter opened in theaters. For some, it was the culmination of a lifelong dream. For most it was a non-event as the film grossed only $30 million opening weekend, not even enough to take the top box-office spot. The day marked the beginning of the end for the film that reportedly cost $250 million, as it grossed only $76 million domestically and $282 million worldwide. Disney reportedly lost about $200 million on the movie.

But John Carter has its fans. Many of them are online and one of them is author Michael D. Sellers. He wrote a book called John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood, which examines why the film failed and why it took so long to make it to the big screen. This very website is quoted numerous times, which makes sense, because we wrote one or two articles about John Carter leading up to release.

Sounds like a cool book, right? To celebrate the one year anniversary of the film, Amazon is offering the book to Kindle users for free. Read More »

LOL: The Worst Movies Of 2012 Review Themselves

Many fans consider 2012 to be one of the best years for film in a long time. We’ve had great popcorn movies, huge epics, mind-melting indies and new films from some of the best filmmakers around. But every year has some stinkers and as good as 2012 has been, it’s probably been equally as bad too.

The team at NextMovie compiled four minutes of some of the worst movies of the year reviewing themselves. Which movies did they pick and what does each one say for itself? You’ll have to click below to find out. Read More »

As you know, John Carter went through a set of extensive reshoots. One of the big changes to the film involved the movie’s opening. When I saw this alternate opening on the Blu-ray I was actually kind of disappointed that it wasn’t used. The scene opens with Lynn Collins as Princess Dejah Thoris giving a lecture on the current events of the Barsoomian wars. I believe it to be a much better beginning to the movie, and a much better introduction to the geography of Mars and the all consuming war on the red planet.
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When most people think of the drive-in movie theater, they romance the endangered communal movie experience with thoughts of young love, starry skies, cool breeze and fresh popcorn. As someone who grew up in southern New York and had not one, but several, drive-in theaters to choose from in my formative years, I can safely say all that’s great, but the best thing about drive-ins is the double feature.

At the drive-in, studios regularly pair their latest and greatest offering with something that’s just a little bit older, giving an added incentive for families to come out to the movies. That’s exactly what Disney did the past two weeks with their mega-hit, The Avengers. They paired it with their last film, the disappointing John Carter, and even with the small number of drive-ins remaining in America, the success of the former has led to a minor resurgence for the latter. After the jump, read how teaming up with The Avengers has been great news for John Carter. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

The fallout from John Carter continues. Rich Ross, who two and a half years ago was the high-profile successor to the ousted Dick Cook as chairman of Disney’s motion picture studio, has stepped down. Ross had come to the motion picture division from the Disney Channel, where he was part of the creation of hits like Hannah Montana and High School Musical.

As Ross took over Disney he oversaw a shift in the studio’s film output to emphasize Pirates of the Caribbean-style material: big, safe crowd-pleasers with a solid merchandising base. But then there was John Carter, this year’s release that the company admitted would represent a writedown of about $200 million. “I no longer believe that the Chairman role is the right professional fit for me,” Ross told Reuters today.

Ironically, this move comes just as Disney prepares to distribute its first Marvel Studios project: The Avengers, a film which is already looking like a lock as one of the year’s most successful releases. Read the full statement from Ross below. Read More »

They’re not major sequel updates, that’s why they’re called “Bits.” After the jump, you can enjoy expanding your knowledge on the following:

  • Michael Fassbender reveals he’s been chatting with writer Simon Kinberg about X-Men First Class 2.
  • Jay Baruchel confirms he’s been doing the voices for How To Train Your Dragon 2.
  • Mark Strong comments on whether or not he thinks a sequel to John Carter will see the light of day.
  • James Cameron geeks out about Prometheus and offers a non-update on Avatar 2 and 3.
  • Sir Ridley Scott spoke a bit about the use of 3D in Prometheus.

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