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Worth 1000 is famous for their photoshop contests. Their latest, Mate a Movie 15, asks graphic artists to take two or more movies, and combine them to make one much funnier movie. I’ve included some of my favorites after the jump, most of which have some play on Avatar.

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This summer, /Film considered traveling to the set of Piranha 3-D. Witnessing unlikely co-stars Richard Dreyfuss, Christopher Lloyd, Adam Scott, and completely naked bimbos battling (or getting devoured by) killer fish at the command of horror director Alex Aja is what the season is all about, no? Alas, it wasn’t meant be to be. The STD-insurance alone in the spring break hotspot of Lake Havasu, Arizona—where the film is shooting and set—is friggin’ outrageous. After informing us that we were not worthy, Piranha 3-D co-star and Human Giant comedian, Paul Scheer, offered up lots of funny, obscene and insane deets about next March’s horror flick. He also sent over this exclusive photo of his morally bankrupt character.

At times, our conversation went off the record into darker territory—a la shark viscera spilling onto a pier—but much is said below about a production that aspires to be the goriest and craziest 3-D movie ever. Paul discussed his role (it required method-acting and method-oogling), the precise amount of blood (a shit ton), Lake Havasu memories, and why Richard Dreyfuss’s sage character will seem, erm, pretty damn familiar. Chomp, chomp, chomp…

Hunter Stephenson: So Paul, I assume you wanted to do a broad family film and then you were offered Piranha 3-D. It was a matter of good timing, serendipitous.

Paul Scheer: [laughs] Yeah, well, I was trying to get Imagine That Too off the ground, where I become Eddie Murphy’s brother, and have my own adventure with my daughter. It was actually crazy, because when I first heard about this movie, it was like, “Elizabeth Shue is in Piranha 3-D, she’s awesome!” And then, you know, the title sounds cool and it sounds campy…

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VOTD: Must Love Jaws

must love jaws

What if Steven Spielberg‘s Jaws was a romantic comedy about a man in love with a shark? Mike Dow has edited together a trailer for the movie, titled Must Love Jaws. Check it out after the jump.
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Cool Stuff: Justin Reed’s Movie Art

Justin Reed is a 30-year old Vermont artist who has created a number of awesome movie-inspired artwork over the past few years. He has a BFA in Illustration from the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, and has had art exhibition in galleries in and out of the country (every place from Canada to Los Angeles). I’ve included nine of my favorite pieces that Reed has created after the jump.

Unfortunately, Reed is not selling prints of any of this art work at this time, but if that changes, I’ll let you know. And of course, he also does commissions, so if you want to hire the guy, head on over to his website for full details.

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Cool Stuff: Jaws 5 – Jaws in Space T-Shirt

When Hollywood makes too many sequels in a horror series, you eventually get the over the top installment like Jason X, where Jason goes to space. Thankfully the Jaws series never got that far, and only produced three really bad sequels (some might argue that Jaws 2 really wasn’t THAT bad, and compared to Jaws 3-D and Jaws: The Revenge, you might be right). The Cotton Factory has released a cool t-shirt which imagines what is Jaws went to Space. Things rarely approach being as ridiculously awesome as this. The t-shirt is available in sizes Small to XXL.
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LOL: Canadian Filmmakers Festival Posters

The posters for the Canadian Filmmakers Festival parody classic films.

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“I’m not about to stick my hand up in no place where I cain’t see,” says a desk cop in the new trailer for Okie Noodling 2, a new documentary on humans in Oklahoma who stick their hands down the mouths of mutant-like catfish, muscle them to shore in a fit of pirouettes (and mud and blood) and brag about it.

As seen in director Bradley Beesley’s cult documentary from 2001 (scored by the Flaming Lips), the process is called “noodling,” and the sequel examines how the backwoods phenomena is currently vying to take over baseball via YouTube and insomniac TV (alongside other “sports” like UFC, Tumblr and competitive eating) as America’s favorite past time. The trailer conjures the brilliance of Heavy Metal Parking Lot and many will find these two minutes more terrifying than premature glimpses of Jaws or Unsolved Mysteries at age six. Dumb IRL fun or Freudian nightmare? The bizarre title screen at the end offers no sane answers, just cartoon blood.

Okie Noodling 2 screens at the Alamo Ritz in Austin, Texas on July 7th (today) at 7 p.m., and at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon on July 25th. For info on the DVD, go here.

Discuss: Would you purchase an Okie Noodling box set?

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“Tonight, we’ll grill some tuna, have a lil’ vino, some kissy kissy, it’ll be great!”


In my opinion, MEG has maintained dibbs on “Award for Best Boner Shorts Concept Art” for a few years running. The 80-foot prehistoric pissed off shark movie–think death metal to Jaws‘s hep jazz–needs to happen no matter what. Recently, The L.A. Times published an update about the feature adaptation of author Steve Alten‘s 1997 page turner, that also rewinds MEG‘s stint in Hollywood production hell.

The good? We still have the concept art. The pretty good? The film has a solid new financier, Appelles Publishing Inc. in Virginia, with three producers, including Watchmen producers Lloyd Levin and Lawrence Gordon, now riding the wave (the one with the 70,000 pound shark in it). This may finally happen! The bad? It’s MEG, a pricey fever dream even for an American blockbuster. The ugly? The fourth MEG book (due this summer) is entitled MEG: Hell’s Aquarium. (What would Peter Benchley say?)

You might recall that earlier this decade, director Jan de Bont (Speed, Speed 2: Jason Patrick) was close to steering the film into reality for New Line. Producers at the time included Guillermo del Toro and CHUD.com’s Nick Nunziata. In a funny tidbit from the LAT article, MEG‘s creator, Alten, who sees this as a “billion dollar film franchise,” laughs remembering that one rejected script “stuck wings on the shark.” Somebody please email me that concept art! That is more friggin’ ‘tarded than Spinal Tap’s Shark Sandwich. Are we talking fairy wings or dragon wings?

Discuss: Do you believe in MEG? Who should direct MEG? What should MEG 4 be subtitled? Wings or no wings? Would you see MEG if Uwe Boll directed it? Michael Bay? Jason Reitman?


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