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Ridley Scott isn’t the only man in Hollywood making a Robin Hood movie. Warner Bros is also developing a film based on the classic tale, but with a sci-fi twist. Danish commercial director Nicolai Fuglsig pitched the project, and has signed on to direct. Newcomer Jason Dean Hall, who wrote the Ashton Kutcher Sundance comedy Spread and is working on a big screen adaptation of the video game Blacklight for Fox, has been hired to write the screenplay. Charles Roven (The Dark Knight) and Gianni Nunnari (300, The Departed) are producing the adaptation.

According to RiskyBiz, the story will “be set in a dystopian London and center on a band of thieves whose activities restore hope to the city’s embattled population.” The producers describe it as “a futuristic action adventure” that will be “both inspired by and pay homage to the legend of Robin Hood.” The concept sounds like it has a lot of potential (but then again, they really didn’t tell us a heck of a lot). Fuglsig has directed a couple of commercials I’ve admired over the past few years, including one of my favorite commercials of all time. Check out some of his selected work in our commercial director spotlight.


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zz1e2f3bf3Fox Atomic has acquired the rights to turn indie developer Zombie Studio’s original action property Blacklight into a feature film, comic book series and video game. The multi-pplatform project is described as “a covert military action epic set twenty-five years in the future.” Both the game and movie will be written by Jason Dean Hall, whose film Spread (Ashton Kutcher/Anne Heche) sold at Sundance to Summit Entertainment.

And according to the official press release, everything will be intertwined. The movie, , video game, and comics will feature “the same characters and high caliber military action, but with unique, intersecting storylines that complement each other.” The images in this post is actual concept art from the projects. More photos after the jump.

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