Polarizing director M. Night Shyamalan recently joined Twitter and revealed a few things about his upcoming collaboration with Will Smith. Back in April, it was announced Shyamalan would direct both Will and his son Jaden Smith in a movie tentatively titled One Thousand A.E. about what happens when a young boy and his father’s spaceship crash lands on Earth one thousand years after humans abandoned it. Shyamalan recently tweeted that he’s nine weeks away from shooting and that the film is now titled After Earth. Read more after the jump. Read More »


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Despite writing and directing a multiple Razzie award-winning film his last time out, M. Night Shyamalan has now officially bagged two major stars for his follow-up. Shyamalan had previously mentioned he was prepping a sci-fi film for Jaden Smith and that’s just been made official, adding the news that Jaden will co-star with his father, Will Smith.

The Sony Pictures press release refers to the film as “an untitled sci-fi adventure” but, last year, Shyamalan had been calling it One Thousand A.E. That title fits with the current description, which says that, one thousand years after Earth has been abandoned, a young boy and his father return to the now frightening planet after their spaceship crashes. The script was co-written by Shyamalan and Gary Whitta. Read more after the jump. Read More »

Last month it was revealed that Jaden Smith had been cast in director M. Night Shyamalan‘s new project, a science fiction film scripted by ournalist-turned-screenwriter Gary Whitta (The Book of Eli) titled One Thousand A.E.

At the time we didn’t know much about the project, with story details being kept tightly under wraps. The only things we were told were that it was being “developed as a vehicle for Jaden Smith” in conjunction with Overbrook Entertainment, the production company responsible for The Karate Kid, run by Will Smith, James Lassiter, Ken Stovitz, and Jada Pinkett. In addition, although there’s an adult male lead in the film, father Will is not planning to take on the part.

We now have learned a couple small new bits of information about the project.

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Say what you will about director M. Night Shyamalan, but the man knows how to stay busy and keep putting himself out there. Even though his last film, The Last Airbender, was destroyed by film critics everywhere, it went onto gross over $300 million worldwide, fueling speculation about a possible sequel. Moreover, Drew and John Erick Dowdle’s trapped-in-an-elevator film, Devil, bore Shyamalan’s “Night Chronicles” label and did decent business.

Back in June, prior to Airbender’s release, we learned that M. Night had some pretty spectacular talent lined up for his next script, which had Bruce Willis and Gwyneth Paltrow “loosely attached.” We’ve now learned that that script has been shelved, in favor of a new project called One Thousand A.E. Hit the jump to learn what we know.
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Shortly after The Karate Kid was released in theaters, earning $56 million opening weekend (well surpassing expectations), it was announced that they were going to begin development on a sequel. Columbia Pictures executives have been meeting with screenwriters to pitch their ideas on a sequel. Tonight HeatVision is reporting that screenwriters Cyrus Voris and Ethan Reif, who wrote Kung Fu Panda for Dreamworks Animation, have been tapped to pen the follow-up.

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Confirmed: Karate Kid Sequel in Development

The Karate Kid

Yesterday Russ wrote about how the box office performance of The Karate Kid would probably lead to a sequel, with a comment from director Harold Zwart saying that ideas have been discussed. Now Deadline has confirmed our suspicions — Columbia Pictures executives are meeting with screenwriters to pitch their ideas on a sequel. It seems logical to me. This one followed the storyline of the original beat by beat, the second film needs to take the Karate Kid and his teacher to Asia… oh wait… they already did that? Read More »

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The Karate Kid easily owned the weekend box office in its debut outing, thrashing The A-Team by a margin of two dollars earned for every one taken by Joe Carnahan’s TV revival. With Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan earning $56m, well surpassing expectations, do you think there will be a sequel? In 2010 Hollywood, it’s almost certain, even if sequel fatigue is beginning to set in.

Director Harold Zwart says that ideas have been discussed, and now that the returns are in, I’d guess we’ll hear about sequel plans very soon. In the meantime, check out Zwart’s plans after the break. Read More »

The Karate Kid – What Did You Think?


Harold Zwart’s The Karate Kid hits theaters today and based on the lively reaction of my screening audience, I’m guessing it’s going to be a huge crowd-pleaser this weekend. But is the film any good? Hit the jump for some of my brief thoughts and feel free to leave your own in the comments below.
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We’ve seen two trailers so far for the remake of The Karate Kid, both of which focused pretty heavily on the film’s story. In the runup to the release of the film this week there’s a third trailer, and this one is almost exclusively action, including a street chase scene that is vaguely reminiscent of Ong Bak, though the full thing probably doesn’t have that movie’s over-the-top stunts. Read More »