Print The Legend Trailer
Netflix has released the trailer for Print The Legend, Luis Lopez and J. Clay Tweel‘s documentary about the 3D printing revolution. The streaming company acquired the movie at the SXSW Film Festival this March, where it was met with good reviews (Indiewire called it “a slick documentary with widespread appeal”. Watch the Print The Legend trailer embedded now after the jump.
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Sure, Harry Potter can drive away Dementors or summon his broomstick with a wave of a wand — but he only exists in fantasies. The kids in Make Believe are the real deal. The film, which won Best Documentary at the Los Angeles Film Festival last year, follows six teenagers as they journey to Las Vegas in order to attend the World Magic Seminar and compete for the title of Teen World Champion. Okay, so they’re teen magicians, not teen wizards, but their tricks are all the more impressive for being the result of hard-earned finesse and not visual effects magic. Watch the trailer after the jump.

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