iPad users who have the Netflix app should head into the App Store immediately and download the latest update. It’s being billed at Netflix 2.0 and has a vastly improved user interface as well as support for Latin America. Read more after the jump. Read More »


In about 24 hours, Apple stores across the east coast will open and the eager public will finally get a chance to purchase the company’s latest computing creation: the iPad. My feelings for the table device have changed dramatically over the past few months, from “It’s too expensive, it doesn’t do anything I need it to do, it doesn’t have flash, and it’s kind of lame,” to “WANT NOW!”

In the past couple of days, a spate of iPad-related news has whet my appetite even further. Specifically, the iTunes store already has Netflix and ABC apps for the iPad, and a Hulu app is on the way.
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