Guardians of the Galaxy cameos

James Gunn promised that Guardians of the Galaxy would have “the most Marvel comics characters ever in one movie,” and now we have some new info that suggests he may actually deliver. A list of confirmed cameos has been making the rounds, which includes details on just whom Nathan Fillion and Stan Lee are playing.

Even more amazing, however, is the reveal that one notorious cult favorite will also make an appearance in the movie. Here’s a hint: He was the second Marvel character ever to get a theatrical feature. Hit the jump for all the dirt. And yes, obviously, spoilers lie ahead.

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His movie may have bombed, but Howard the Duck is still quacking. Both in the nostalgic memories of film fans and in world of video games. The character, which is owned by Marvel, made an appearance in in 2001′s Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and will now return in October’s Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Read More »

LucasFilm’s red-headed step child celebrated his 25th anniversary last year with little fanfare. The 1986 sci-fi comedy Howard the Duck, starring a walking, talking duck was hyped upon release but bombed spectacularly when it hit theaters. Now it’s regularly mentioned amongst the worst films of all time. Since then though, the film gained an appreciative cult fan base. Among that fan base are the people at the company that originated the character, Marvel Comics.

Yes, once again, producer George Lucas was way ahead of the curve and made a very early Marvel movie. However, the silver anniversary of the bomb-turned-cult classic has come and gone and fans are disappointed there’s still no Blu-ray release in sight. Enter Joe Quesada, COO of Marvel Entertainment, who has made a video basically begging George Lucas to come on board and give Howard the Duck the respect it deserves. Check it out after the jump. Read More »

Video Blog: Disney’s Acquisition of Marvel

Disney Marvel

Early this morning, every fanboy and fangirl woke up to some shocking news… The Walt Disney company announced they were buying Marvel Entertainment for $4 Billion in cash and stock. Yes, $4 Billion. While some fanboys immediately thought this was the worst thing they’ve ever heard, others were excited by the possibilities of a merger between these two entertainment juggernauts. After all, combining all the characters of the Marvel universe with a company that owns theme parks, cable channels, and makes movies, the potential for even more Marvel characters getting a shot at prime time or a movie screen just increased.

Since this news was the type that Steve (Collider) and I would talk about on the phone, we decided to record one of our video blogs to share our conversation with all of you. So if you’d like to watch what Steve and I think about the deal and why we both think this could be a good thing… take a look after the jump.

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Howard The Duck on Hulu

The George Lucas-produced 1986 cult classic Howard The Duck is now available for free streaming on Hulu. According to IMDb, Lucas spent $2 million on Howard’s duck suit, and eight different actors worked inside the costume. Lucas had just spent $50 million building Skywalker Ranch and was counting on this film to get him back in the black. The film which cost over $30 million to make only made $16 million at the box office. Lucas was forced to sell off assets to stay afloat. One of the assets sold was Lucasfilm’s computer generated effects division to Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The division later became known as Pixar Animation Studios. Shortly after the movie bombed in theaters, Universal Pictures head Frank Price quit his job. Hollywood tradepapers reported the story with the headline, “‘Duck’ Cooks Price’s Goose.”

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