Creepy Stuff: Heroes Action Figures

Heroes Action Figures

Is it just me, or are the new Heroes action figures from Mezco Toyz really creepy looking?

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Cloverfield: Slusho on Heroes AGAIN

Kristin Bell with Slusho! on Heroes

The fictional Slusho! brand frozen drink made another appearance on Heroes last night. Kristin Bell’s character Elle was again drinking the frozen treat in a car. And this time around the logo is more prominent.  Cloverfield Clues has a batch of screengrabs from the episode. Slusho! is a main focus of the viral marketing behind the JJ Abrams-produced monster film Cloverfield. We’re still unsure of the connection between Cloverfield and the popular television show.

Last week Heroes director/producer Greg Beeman uploaded a set of photos of the Heroes cast enjoying the frozen beverage, noting that “Their cultural significance will become clear in the coming months, so… pay attention!”

Cloverfield: Slusho Appears on Heroes

Slusho on Heroes

The stars of Heroes have a new favorite frozen drink, and it may look somewhat familiar. The following photos showed up on the blog of Heroes director/producer Greg Beeman of the cast of the hit show drinking “Slusho!” a drink which first appeared in the JJ Abrams’ series Alias, and has now become a focal point of the viral marking behind the hot JJ Abrams produced monster flick Cloverfield. So what will Heroes have to do with the upcoming movie? Will their be a connection? Greg Grunberg, a childhood friend of Abrams who has appeared in nearly every thing he’s produced thus far, appears on Heroes as Matt Parkman. Could he just be helping his best bud promote the upcoming film? Beeman won’t say:

“Now, the next group of photos falls into the “don’t ask/don’t tell” category. I credit Greg Yaitanes for staging all these pix, under the supervision of Joe Pokaski. Their cultural significance will become clear in the coming months, so… pay attention!”

There is obviously more to this story. Dennis at CloverfieldClues discovered that Slusho actually made its first appearance on Heroes during last night’s episode, check out that photo below:

Slusho on Heroes

We’ll keep you updated. Check out more Heroes behind the scenes Slusho photos after the jump.
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Eli Roth

It looks like Heroes is trying to collect some interesting writer/directors for the new spin-off series Heroes: Origins. Kevin Smith has already signed on to write/direct an episode. News circulated through the tabloid papers this past week that Quentin Tarantino was asked to pen and direct an episode (but he turned it down because he had never watched the series).

Now news comes out that Superman Returns co-writer Michael Dougherty and Hostel writer/director Eli Roth have both been tapped to write an episode of Heroes: Origins. Roth will also direct. It will be interesting to see what other writers/directors with geek-cred they can nail down for an episode.

Kristen Bell Cast in Heroes

Kristen Bell

Slightly good news for those of you suffering from Veronica Mars withdrawals: No, the show has not been renewed. No, there is no movie adaptation in development. But star Kristen Bell will be making her return to the small screen as a superhero (or super-villain).

Bell has been cast for a multi-episode arc in the second season of the hit NBC television series Heroes. She will play a Elle, a character which Variety describes as “a sexy, mysterious young lady who has ties to the supposed death of Peter, H.R.G.’s past and the future of Claire.” The character will first appear in the series committing a serious crime, which makes us wonder if she’ll be a good guy or nasty villain. But does it really matter? One thing is for sure, we’ll be watching (because, well, it’s Heroes!).

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