Road to Avengers: Infinity War Book

What was Grant Gustin‘s reaction to Stewie Griffin’s crush on him on Family Guy? Is Colossus punching Juggernaut in a new Deadpool 2 TV spot? Why is seven minutes of Avengers: Infinity War being cut in Indonesia? Does a Japan promo for Avengers: Infinity War confirm Ant-Man appears in the movie? Want to see Adam West as Batman give traffic safety advice to kids? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Read More »

(Welcome to Road to Infinity War, a new series where we revisit the first 18 movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and ask “How did we get here?” In this edition: Guardians of the Galaxy gets weird, and it’s spectacular.)

Flashback, Comic Con 2012. Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige announces development on Guardians of the Galaxy, to which even seasoned Marvel readers respond: “Wait… Who?” Flashback, Comic Con 2013. Marvel plays the first public footage from the new James Gunn joint to a crowd who had no idea what to expect. I would know. I was there, buzzing with bewildered excitement. And from the moment we got a glimpse of this thing – a sizzle reel not dissimilar from the film’s first trailer – we knew we were in for something special. Flash forward, April 2018. The Guardians’ upcoming team-up with the Avengers is currently outselling the last seven Marvel movies combined.

Gunn’s superhero space-opera existed independently of the rest of the Marvel Universe (unless you count post-credit scenes, which I do not) and it seemed to exist independently from most sci-fi films in general. Equal parts grimy and bursting with colour, it felt like bright new world that had been used and lived in by ingrates not unlike ourselves. From an idyllic, multi-species utopia led by Marvel’s Nova Corps, to a floating space-penitentiary with alien inmates of all stripes, even to a mining colony within the severed head of an ancient Celestial, the film departed from its relatively grounded predecessors and marked Marvel Studios going full-Marvel Comics. While Asgard in Thor featured a familiar regality, Guardians of the Galaxy represented a major step out into the larger Marvel cosmos, starting off on Earth before ending up in far-flung corners of an unfamiliar universe – though not without the right characters to guide us through it.

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Avengers Infinity War Featurette

There are barely two weeks left until Avengers: Infinity War charges into theaters. The superhero sequel has already pre-sold more tickets than the last seven movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe combined. This movie is going to be a box office giant, and if you’re hungry to see as much as you can before the movie arrives later this month, then we have a treat for you.

A new Avengers Infinity War featurette that goes behind the scenes of the movie has arrived, giving us some playful interviews with the cast, including some wonderful banter between Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth, some disappointment from Benedict Cumberbatch about one of his co-stars and more.

Plus, if you’re interested in seeing some footage we haven’t seen in trailers, this featurette has that too. Read More »

zoe saldana marvel critics

You hear a lot of griping on the internet about how superhero movies and sequels are destroying the movie industry. But Zoe Saldana has a few choice words for people who hate on Marvel movies.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 actress has starred in her share of prestige flicks, indies, and blockbusters. And she’s not alone. Half of the actors who appear in Marvel Studios movies boast at least one Oscar nomination. Some of the best actors of our generation have vamped it out as a Marvel villain. But Hollywood still thinks of them as “sell-outs,” Saldana says. And she’s sick of it.

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Deadpool 2 Boss Logic Poster

Want to see some new footage from the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 game? What’s up with that cliffhanger ending from Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman? Did you know James Gunn wrote some Guardians of the Galaxy dialogue for Avengers: Infinity War? Could The Flash movie have a different title than Flashpoint now? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Read More »

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Captain Marvel - Boss Logic

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Hot Toys Baby Groot

Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles already debuted an adorably awesome life-size Baby Groot figure not long after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hit theaters. But their new figure of the tiny little plant creature from the Marvel Studios sequel is even better.

A new version of Baby Groot from Hot Toys is also life-size, but his body is newly developed so that you can recreate the scene from the opening of the movie where he busts a move to Electric Light Orchestra’s hit song “Mr. Blue Sky.” Get a load of the little guy below. Read More »

Avengers Infinity War TV spot

As he’s been depicted thus far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Groot has been an emotionally pure, well-meaning, and protective talking alien tree. But after he sacrificed himself for the Guardians at the end of their first movie and spent all of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as Baby Groot, the character has grown into a moody teenager. In a new Avengers: Infinity War TV spot, we see just how much he’s changed and get a look at Groot’s newfound attitude. The words “I am Groot” have never sounded so sarcastic. Read More »

Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg

Back in September of 2015, director James Gunn said that the original Guardians of the Galaxy had an Easter egg somewhere in the movie that had yet to be discovered. Over a year later, fans hadn’t been able to find it, and they were skeptical as to whether it even existed. But Gunn told one fan online if the Easter egg didn’t exist that he would give them $100,000. So we’re taking his word for it.

However, today an elusive Easter egg that had not yet been found in Guardians of the Galaxy was discovered. But did James Gunn confirm whether or not this was the big Easter egg that fans have been looking for years now? Read More »

Avengers Infinity War Clip

Last night, Nickelodeon broadcast the 2018 Kids’ Choice Awards, featuring plenty of slime and awards handed out as determined by the network’s young fanbase. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle went home with the favorite movie prize, but the real winner was Avengers: Infinity War, which debuted a new clip during the awards last night. Check it out below. Read More »