Terminator 2 Chase

James Cameron’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day is one of those movies we’ve all seen a million times. When it’s on television, its familiarity is like a warm blanket we can snuggle up in and can enjoy from any point. We even do other things while watching, without getting lost, because we know it so well.

In fact, we know it so well it’s probably lost some of its power. When we first saw the T-1000 emerge from flaming wreckage, or a Mack Truck fly off an overpass, they were eye-popping moments. Now, they’re very familiar. Unless, of course, they’re presented in new ways.

Maybe that means 3D, maybe that means seeing the film on the big screen the first time, or maybe it means the painstaking work of a YouTube team to recreate a scene from the film, nearly shot by shot, using Grand Theft Auto 5. Check out a Terminator 2 GTA chase below. Read More »


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Grand Theft Auto 5

If Grand Theft Auto V were a theatrically-released movie instead of a video game, enough people would have bought tickets to earn only $227.4 million at the global box office. That box office number would be just enough to make it only the #453 largest grossing film ever worldwide – just under The Green Hornet, The Heat, Mr. Bean’s Holiday and Space Jam.

I’ll admit, I’m trolling video gamers a bit with this comparison — But I got your attention right? That said, the math is real:

29 million gamers bought GTAV, times that by the current movie ticket average of $7.84 a ticket (believe it or not, it is actually that low) equals a $227.4 million dollar gross at the box office.

If you’ve gotten this far (five sentences in) and didn’t just jump directly to the comments to post how I’m an idiot after reading only the headline or first sentence – Thank you smart reader! This actually isn’t the video game hit piece you might expect from the headline. The report on GTA V’s sales last week sent me on a journey to see how that, and the video game industry as a whole, compares to the movie business. Please join me in taking a fair and balanced look at the real numbers, perceived value and how its unfair to compare two entertainment industries in simple terms.

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GTAV Minigun

With games like Grand Theft Auto V, the line between video game and movie get more and more blurred. Rockstar Games long ago mastered blending cinematic storytelling with an immersive, interactive experience and their latest opus looks like it enhances the company’s approach. The game is set for release on September 17. Check out three new trailers, focused on characters named Michael, Franklin and Trevor, below. Read More »

Games are constantly trying to become more cinematic, but very few manage the trick. It takes a lot more than a widescreen aspect ratio and some lens flare to capture cinema in a gaming context, but the characters and deep storylines of the Grand Theft Auto games come closer than almost anyone else. The trailer for the fifth game in the series (well, the fifth officially numbered game; there have been many spin-offs and portable installments as well) tells us that this will be a return to the Los Angeles analog city Los Santos, as originally seen in the 2004 game GTA: San Andreas.

Have a look at Grand Theft Auto V below. Read More »