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Of all iconic characters Kurt Russell has played, one stands above the rest, on a mountain of bodies, smoking a cigarette and rocking an eyepatch. I refer, of course, to Snake Plissken, the central figure of John Carpenter films Escape from New York and Escape from LA. Russell’s portrayal of the criminal turned hero popped off the screen in a way that still resonates with fans today. However, Plissken was created in another time and the character strictly lives on the big screen.

That wasn’t always the plan though. It’s not a surprise producer Debra Hill, along with Russell and Carpenter, were ahead of the curve just a few short years ago when they attempted to turn Plissken into a multimedia entity, something that’s almost expected today. In the early 2000s, plans were in place for both a video game as well as an anime series, neither of which ever saw the light of day.

Below, not only can you see some gameplay from the cancelled game Snake Plissken’s First Escape, you’ll see concept art from an anime style TV show called Snake. Read More »


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Escape from New York poster by Jay Shaw

Today, Empire ran a great new photo of the original Escape From New York team of director John Carpenter and star Kurt Russell. Along with the pic, Carpenter commented on the potential new reboot of Escape From New York (“they don’t know where they’re going with it”) and Russell opined on the problem with casting a new version of his character Snake Plissken. “If you’re going to do him, do him young. He’s one of those guys,” Russell says. “When it comes to Snake, I can tell you one thing… he’s American. It’s really important that he’s American.”

Appropriately enough, we’ve now got some potential casting options for the reboot/prequel, and neither is an American actor. Tom Hardy and Jason Statham are the two actors that have been newly rumored as the possible new Plissken in the film Joel Silver is setting up to be the first in a new trilogy. Read More »


Most of the biggest John Carpenter properties have either been remake or given some sort of new life (Halloween, The Fog, The Thing) or have been targeted for potential remakes (They Live, Escape From New York).

Escape From New York tells the story of a convict who is sent into Manhattan — now a maximum security prison hellhole — to rescue the President of the United States, who has crashed on the island and is hostage to a local kingpin. The Escape remake was left dead in the water at New Line two years back when the option lapsed, but now it has been given new life. (And not as the Guy Pearce film Lockout, which does have a pretty similar plot outline.)

Joel Silver (The Matrix) is working with StudioCanal to produce a reboot in the hopes of launching a new franchise.

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Infographic: The Ultimate Nerd Guide to New York City

Hollywood may be synonymous with moviemaking, but when it comes to iconic cinematic landmarks, few cities can beat New York, NY. The Big Apple’s many facets are well represented in every type of story, for every type of person — including, of course, geeky types like us. While all the other tourists are running to Katz’s Deli to pay way too much for the sandwiches Sally made famous in When Harry Met Sally, BuzzFeed’s guide to nerd-friendly New York City spots will direct you to Avengers HQ and the future home of Planet Express. Check it out after the jump.

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New Line has been trying to remake John Carpenter‘s Escape From New York for years. Directors like Len Wiseman, Brett Ratner and Breck Eisner have all been attached to direct, and the rumor mill has occasionally churned with possible actors to play the character Snake Plisskin, originally played by Kurt Russell.

But those plans are now dead, as New Line and Warner Bros. have let the Escape From New York remake option lapse. Deadline has the news, and notes that this doesn’t mean that a remake of Escape From New York will never happen, as someone else could pick up the option and develop a film. But for now fans get a reprieve and won’t have to worry about a Len Wiseman take on the property.

Ten days ago there was a rumor, based on a tracking board report, that an offer had gone out to Zac Efron to star in the live-action version of Akira to be directed by the Hughes Brothers. But a rep for the directors told Digital Spy the story isn’t true. (At the time we were told both that there is interest in the actor, and that any involvement is “far from a done deal.”) So, no Efron Kaneda for now. Thing is, he could actually play the part, but he’s too old, assuming the script (by Henry Poole is Here writer Albert Torres) will hew relatively close to the characters as set up in the manga. That’s a big assumption, true.

After the break, Jeremy Renner will not escape New York, and Brad Pitt has no interest in Chile. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

It was a big weekend for rumors; sadly a lot of the most fun genre and superhero film stories are little more than unconfirmed rumor at this point. Pajiba, for example, tweeted that Marvel has a pitch out to writers for a War Machine spin-off film. This is more like a vague confirmation of what we’ve expected to happen, and since Marvel will need some core content to follow The Avengers, we’re bound to hear about another group of films to follow. Seeing an Iron Man spin-off starring Don Cheadle could be a lot of fun, and we’ll update if someone is hired to write the film.

After the break, very tentative updates and rumors on the Escape From New York remake and Clash of the Titans 2, aka Wrath of the Titans. Read More »

Cool Stuff: ET Wars and Snake Purrsken T-Shirts

We usually don’t run our Cool Stuff column on the weekend, but two movie-parody t-shirt designs popped up this morning and neither will be available after midnight.

  • Teefury has “Snake Purrsken”. The design, created by Rob Gould, is a LOLCats version of Snake Plissken from Escape from New York. “Vicious, yet cuddly: a deadly combination.” The t-shirt is available for only $9 plus shipping, but will only be available until midnight Saturday night.
  • RIPT Apparel has “ET Wars” a Star Wars/E.T. mash-up, using the iconic image of Elliot and alien friend flyingthrough the air, with the moon in the background. The design by Tidy Ink, will only be available until midnight on Saturday, but can be bought for only $10 plus shipping.

See both designs in higher resolution, after the jump.

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Escape From New York

In April we learned that Breck Eisner, director of The Crazies, had signed on to direct the remake of Escape from New York, set up with producer Neal H. Moritz‘s Original Films. The report claimed that Eisner would be developing based on Allan Loeb‘s draft, which sounded horrible.

Earlier this year we learned a bit about the rewrite by the 21/Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps scribe, which is a Snake Plissken origin story combined with some of the plot of the 1981 original. Vulture said the script “nailed the humor in Plissken without slipping into camp, and he changed Snake’s rescue-mission target from a president to a female senator, thereby upping the banter quotient.” Sounds good right?

Well, they also found a much cheaper way to film the story, by changing destroyed Manhattan into a “geographically undesirable, but intact” privately run penal colony which was created “after the detonation of a crude radioactive dirty bomb on the outskirts of the city.” Sounds a horrible idea to me. Much of the appeal of the original film was seeing a post apocalyptic New York City.

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