If you were a fan of Neill Blomkamp‘s District 9, your expectations for his follow-up, Elysium, might be particularly high. Those expectations are going to be shattered. The film stars Matt Damon as a blue-collar worker in a post apocalyptic future who is given five days to live. His only option to stay alive is get to Elysium, a space station utopia for the super-rich, run by Jodie Foster. Obviously, they don’t want him there and things get a little awesome.

Blomkamp presented the first footage from the film in Hall H of San Diego Comic-Con 2012 on Friday. “I can now die a happy man having seen footage from Elysium. Think District 9 on an intergalactic scale. Pure wow” is what I tweeted. Russ said “Elysium footage looks like the real continuation of the Paul Verhoeven sci-fi approach. Matt Damon looks wild. It all looks nuts.” And Peter simply said “Elysium footage wins Comic-Con 2012 (thus far).”

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“Can’t Find The Luxury You Deserve On Earth? Look No Further Than Elysium”

Sony’s viral marketing campaign for District 9 helmer Neill Blomkamp‘s second feature film Elysium might have been the most interesting thing I encountered on the show floor on preview night at Comic Con 2012. They had an border checkpoint booth with a human-shaped automated system to find out if you qualify for homes on Elysium — a pristine man made spaceship oasis for the super rich. The film takes place 150-or-so years in the future where the Earth is overpopulated and ruined, and the rich live on this luxury space station protected by intense anti-immigration laws. The booth at Comic Con contained a bunch of photos of what your home on Elysium could look like, and flyers full of sales information. The flyer points to a website, itsbetterupthere.com, which allows you to apply to become a citizen of Elysium. We took photos of the booth and materials, and have included all the images after the jump for you to explore.

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Since making his feature debut with District 9, everyone has been waiting to see what Neill Blomkamp would do next. The buzz on District 9 started with a clever “For Humans Only” viral marketing campaign at Comic Con in 2008, and a year later climaxed with a sneak preview screening of the film with Blomkamp producer Peter Jackson in attendance. So its no shock that Blomkamp has returned to San Diego to promote his next film, Elysium.

As you know, Sony is set to present a first look at footage from the film in Hall H on Friday, with Blomkamp and stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster on stage. We will have full coverage of this panel and much more as part of our Comic Con 2012 coverage.

Yesterday I ran into someone in Hollywood that had seen an early cut of the movie and claimed that not only was it better than Blade Runner but also featured one of Matt Damon’s best performances — talk about high praise.  Last night we arrived in San Diego and noticed a spacecraft in front of the Hard Rock Hotel near the Gaslamp district entrance. Some were speculating that the craft might be from the upcoming Robocop reboot (probably due to the Robocop viral signage on the building behind it, but my sources have confirmed its our first look at a spacecraft from Elysium. See an image of the ship, after the jump.

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With the exception of a few set photos, Neill Blomkamp shot his District 9 follow-up Elysium in almost total secrecy. We have seen  a couple images of Matt Damon, with his head shaved, wearing what seemed to be prison clothes, but that’s just about it for pictures from the film.

Now, just before Comic Con begins, a few films that have maintained a low profile over the past year or two are being glimpsed, and so here’s the first real photo from Blomkamp’s movie. Once again, the subject is Damon, but this time he’s wielding a huge weapon and also wearing some sort of other gear that may or may not be part of the gun.

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Friday is the second ‘official’ day of each San Diego Comic Con, and it’s the day where things start to kick into gear. The SDCC organization and various film studios announced their Friday plans today, and there are some great things happening.

The best are at Sony’s panel in Hall H, where the studio will show off Rian Johnson‘s Looper (with Johnson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Emily Blunt in attendance) and debut the first footage from Neill Blomkamp‘s Elysium (with Blomkamp, producer Simon Kinberg, Matt Damon and Jodie Foster showing up). Comic Con could be said to be Blomkamp’s first home, as that’s where his debut feature District 9 first got loads of attention, back in 2008.

This schedule also shows that television is taking a pole position this year, as Hall H has big presentations for The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, and there are big events for Firefly, Community, Breaking Bad, and many more shows.

There’s a lot more going on during the day, but hit the jump to get some highlights. Read More »

Over the past two years, District 9 director Neill Blomkamp has been very good about keeping plot details quiet for his second feature, Elysium. We know that Matt Damon plays a big role (and sports a shaved head at one point) and that Jodie Foster is the head of an offworld state. We also know the story is a sci-fi tale laced with socio-political concerns, and that it takes place a hundred or so years in the future.

We’ve heard plenty of rumors, but in the time since the film has moved into post-production even those have quieted down. Now we’ve got the first plot synopsis of the film. It actually has quite a lot of info, and the particular socio-political concerns will be evident really fast.  Read More »

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Neill Blomkamp got to shoot District 9 without much interference from paparazzi photographers, but that won’t be the case as he moves forward with his second film, Elysium. The first set pics have surfaced from the film that stars Jodie Foster, Matt Damon, Sharlto Copley, Sonia Braga, Diego Luna, and William Fichtner.

The images we’ve got show Matt Damon, head shaved, seemingly fleeing and in pain, and wearing some sort of technology. What’s the purpose of all that gear? Frankly, we have no idea. But check out a gallery of photos below and begin to speculate away. Read More »

Comic Con has turned into a launchpad for viral ad campaigns for upcoming films. This year, the first big one to be found is a very low-key promo for Elysium, the upcoming second film by District 9 director Neill Blomkamp. Given that District 9 got its first massive awareness push at Comic Con a couple years ago,we should have known that Elysium would have some presence this year. But the film just started shooting for a March 1, 2013 release, so there really isn’t footage to show yet.

A poster was spotted at Comic Con yesterday, however, which points to a website containing a short video clip seeking to recruit people such as “zero g welders, mega-structure engineers, quantum networkers and experts in zero g coupling and multi-generational planning,” in order to accomplish “the most amibitous project ever undertaken by mankind.” See both items after the break. Read More »

The latest addition to Neill Blompkamp‘s second feature Elysium is a good one: Diego Luna looks like the choice to play Julio, the closest friend of Matt Damon‘s character. In announcing the casting, Variety says the story ” revolves around aliens and humans doing battle on earth,” which is a slightly different description than we’ve heard in the past. Then again, we’ve heard very little description of the film so far, other than that Jodie Foster plays the head of state of an alien world, and that the film takes place 150 years in the future, with a socio-political bent.

Elysium also features Sharlto Copley, Wagner Moura, William Fichtner, and Alice Braga. It shoots in Vancouver and Mexico City this summer, with a March 1, 2013 release date planned. We’re excited to see what’s in store; perhaps Comic Con will be the occasion that gives us a look at the film.

After the break, Jason Bateman joinsVince Vaughn in Insane Laws, and Garret Dillahunt gets a new role, which automatically makes the world a better place. Read More »