Ed Skrein

Part of the formula that made the original Transporter films work was the mystique of main character Frank Martin. Played by Jason Statham, this was a man with no moral compass, who drove and killed people as long as he was properly compensated. Over the course of three films, we definitely learned more about what made him tick but with Statham leaving the franchise, producers decided to look back for the sequels.

Last week, news broke that Transporter 4 would start a new trilogy focused on Martin’s past. That makes it a prequel, which means they’d need a new, younger version of Statham. And they’ve found just that. Ed Skrein, who plays Daario Naharis on Game of Thrones, will be playing Frank Martin in the fourth film and beyond. Read More »


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As August inches to an end, the days of having nothing to watch on TV (well — nothing but Breaking Bad) are about to come to an end. After the jump:

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