Roger Ebert’s Top 20 Movies of 2011

With just days to go until the end of 2011 (Where did the year go???), legendary film critic Roger Ebert has announced his top 20 movies of the year. Just as you’d expect from Ebert, his list runs the gamut from mainstream blockbusters to more obscure foreign or arthouse projects — with enough in the latter category to offer up some useful suggestions for your Netflix queue. Read his list after the jump.

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I don’t know that I’d put much money on this ever becoming a film, but if you were enough of a fan of Nicolas Winding Refn‘s film Drive that you have to find out what might happen to the main character at some point in the future, a novel scheduled for April release will deliver the info.

In all the talk of the film Drive, one name often left out is that of James Sallis, the man who wrote the novel upon which Hossein Amini‘s script was based. That script is what attracted Ryan Gosling, who was instrumental in bringing Refn on board, and it’s all history from there. Sallis has, it turns out, written a sequel to his original novel, and Driven, as it is called, will be published next year. Read on for some more info. Read More »

Every year during awards season, The Hollywood Reporter somehow organizes the schedules of basically every single actor, actress, writer and director of the year’s best films to sit down and discuss them. This, in itself, is pretty spectacular. What’s even better is they release the videos of the full conversations so we can watch. For the 2011 Actors Roundtable, they’ve brought together George Clooney of The Descendants, Christopher Plummer of Beginners, Gary Oldman of Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy, Christoph Waltz of Carnage, Albert Brooks of Drive and Nick Nolte of Warrior to discuss their own, and each others’, performances, all of which have a good shot at multiple award nominations. Check out the video after the jump. Read More »

The Oscars for movies made for under $20 million, the Independent Spirit Awards, announced their 2012 nominees Tuesday morning. Leading the pack with the most nominations were Jeff Nichols’ Michael Shannon-centric Take Shelter and Michel Hazanavicius’ black and white silent film The Artist. Those two will compete for the big award, Best Feature Film, with 50/50, The Descendants, Drive and Beginners. Read the rest of the nominees after the jump. Read More »

You want me to pick you up something from the drive-thru, you give me a time and a place. I give you a five minute window. Anything you want, I’ll order it and get it to you in about five minutes no matter what. But I don’t go inside the restaurant. I don’t do carry out. I just drive thru.

If you’ve seen Nicolas Winding Refn‘s Drive (and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?!?) the above quote will make much more sense. It’s Ryan Gosling’s character’s mantra adapted for fast food. That also happens to be the aim of the latest Funny or Die video Drive Thru. It takes the visuals, sounds and attitude of Drive and folds it into a kind of unclear, but still hilarious story of a man who picks up drive thru only to mistakenly come in possession a bag of burgers that don’t belong to him. You’ve gotta check it out. Read More »

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The Sound of ‘Drive’

When discussing Nicolas Winding Refn‘s awesome crime drama, Drive, several things can be singled out as exceptional. Ryan Gosling‘s performance for one. His relationship with his neighbor played by Carey Mulligan. The film’s refusal to give you a straight answer and, of course, the collected soundtrack. The music selected, the score as well as the sound mix, which features some incredibly blown out gunshots, screeching tires and blows to the head, are all totally off the charts. The SoundWorks Collection has put together a little video highlighting this highlight of Drive and you can check it out after the jump. Read More »

We’ve all had that rage-inducing moment when we realize we’ve just shelled out upwards of $10 for some movie that wasn’t nearly as good as the trailers suggested. Most of us probably react by grumbling to our friends, maybe posting a few angry tweets, and then shrugging it off and moving on with our lives. Not so Sarah Deming of Keego Harbor, Michigan. Deming has just filed a lawsuit against FilmDistrict and the Michigan theater chain Emagine for “promot[ing] the film Drive as very similar to Fast and Furious, or similar, series of movies.” More details after the jump.

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Now that Nicolas Winding Refn‘s excellent film Drive has been released and you’ve all finally had a chance to see it, there’s no better time to go back to Comic Con, where Drive distributor FilmDistrict presented one of the best Hall H panels to ever hit San Diego. Rather than doing a stock footage presentation and quick talent lineup, FilmDistrict filled the Hall H stage with those responsible for the company’s two genre films, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and Drive. So Guillermo del Toro, Ron Perlman, Carey Mulligan, Guy Pearce, Troy Nixey, and Nicolas Winding Refn all sat side by side for an hour.

What transpired was a conversation primarily between Guillermo and Refn, with their talk getting into more gritty filmmaking nuts and bolts than is typical for Comic Con. There is some great conversation about approaches to directing, and Refn gives the best rendition we’ve got of the story of how he came to direct Drive. There’s about an hour of footage below, broken into pieces, and it is all worth a look. Read More »

Of the various films opening this weekend, none has been getting more buzz than Drive, the new “neon noir” thriller by Nicolas Winding Refn. The story follows a lone wolf (Ryan Gosling) who drives stunt vehicles for movies by day and getaway cars for criminals by night. When he falls for a pretty neighbor (Carey Mulligan), he gets tangled up with a heist that spins out of control.

We’ve already shown you clips, trailers, and images from Drive. Today, we’ve got something a little more unusual to share with you. Refn recently sat down and recorded a brief commentary over one of the first scenes of the film. Hear the filmmaker discuss the soundtrack, the old-school LA setting, budgetary woes, and more after the jump.

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Dammit, I thought I was immune to Star Wars. The prequels, endless spin-off products and constant tinkering with the films has, sadly, bled me dry of interest in anything related to the famous Lucas franchise.

Or so I thought. Then I watched the video below, which cuts footage from many of the Star Wars films against the audio from the trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn‘s upcoming film Drive. Han Solo stands in for Ryan Gosling‘s nameless character. And it works pretty well! Read More »