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‘Dredd’ Trailer: Attack the Block

How does a budget-limited production get around the expense of creating a massive post-apocalyptic city? One method is to restrict a film set in that city primarily to the interior of one massive apartment building. And in Dredd, Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby play two law enforcers — agents with a mandate to act as judge, jury and executioner in this hellish city of the future — who lead a team into an apartment block controlled by a drug-dealing criminal (Lena Headey). Hey, does that sound a bit familiar?

It’s too bad for all involved that Dredd didn’t hit a year ago, because then it would be able to avoid many inevitable comparisons to The Raid. Dredd went into production long before The Raid was released, so this is no copycat situation. This story is a setup that works very well in the framework of decades of Judge Dredd comics that inspired this movie. But if you’ve seen Gareth Evans’ film, it might be difficult to avoid the comparison while watching the Dredd trailer below. Read More »

I spent so much time reading 2000AD and Judge Dredd comics in my youth that I can’t help but be interested in a new film built around the scowling, perpetually helmeted law officer from Mega City One. The 1995 movie starring Sylvester Stallone had a few good moments, but didn’t really hit the mark… and I’ve still watched it more than once.

So let’s hope the new Dredd, starring Karl Urban as the title character and Olivia Thirlby as his associate Judge Anderson, is a little better. The movie, directed by Pete Travis (Vantage Point) and written by Alex Garland (Sunshine, 28 Days Later), opens in September, and the first trailer hits tomorrow. But right now we’ve got a minor smattering of footage, showing Dredd in action. Read More »

The first trailer for Dredd, the new film based around long-running 2000 AD comic character Judge Dredd, is going to hit on Thursday. So those eager to see whether this film can erase the stain of the 1995 Sylvester Stallone version of the character will get some idea of its potential very soon.

In the meantime we’ve got a few new set photos from the movie, which features Karl Urban as Dredd and Olivia Thirlby as Judge Anderson. We haven’t seen much of Thirlby so far, and one of the three set pics below does show her alongside Urban. Those who’ve been concerned about the costume designs for the film (“the helmets are too big!” some shout) may find that the images below are also more promising than others have been. We’ll get a much better idea when the trailer hits this week. Read More »

With two major comic book movies being released in the next few weeks, some may have forgotten another hugely popular character has a movie coming out this year too. I’m speaking, of course, about Judge Dredd who’s getting a reboot simply called Dredd starring Karl Urban and directed by Pete Travis. Scheduled for release on September 21, we’ve seen a couple cool stills from the film but the teaser poster has now been revealed along with some sweet concept images. Check them out below. Read More »

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