Last year, How to Train Your Dragon seemed like a move in the right direction for DreamWorks Animation: a character-oriented film that had great action and, contrary to some of the studio’s work, didn’t seem to be pandering to the audience. We know that there will be at least one sequel, with several films tentatively planned overall, and that a spin-off TV show is also in the works. But until now we didn’t know much at all about the plans for that material.

We still don’t know a lot, but producer Tim Johnson has gone on the record about the first sequel and the vague plans for the show. And fortunately, they’re right in line with the original film. Read More »


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How To Train Your Dragon

When we first learned a few months ago that How To Train Your Dragon would be getting a sequel (out in 2013), there were a lot of details still up in the air. Would the original cast return? What of the talented filmmakers of the original, Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois? Would they be coming back too? Would the film even be in 3D?

Today, Dreamworks revealed details about what would become of the next film in its How to Train Your Dragon franchise. Hit the jump to find out more.
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The inevitable news of a How to Train Your Dragon sequel broke yesterday, courtesy of a Dreamworks conference call and press release. We learned that the film would be made for cinemas, released in 2013 and… actually, that was it. But what more information about this proposed follow-up is actually out there?

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I can understand Pixar trading on the legacy of the Toy Story films, Monsters Inc. and so on – even Cars, which I know many critics aren’t so kind onĀ  – but Dreamworks Animation trying to draw hype out of their back catalogue? Admittedly they’ve put the weight on the more successful Shrek and Madagascar franchises, as well as the actually-rather-good Kung Fu Panda, and not such cine-excrement as Shark Tale or Bee Movie, but isn’t the consensus that the Dreamworks branding on a toon is best taken as a warning, not an encouragement?

Ah well. They’re proud anyway, and so they’ve stitched together a few legacy clips and a self-aggrandising voice over of spurious exaltation for the top of the new How to Train Your Dragon trailer, which you can see after the break. It seems to be a leak, and not an official release so catch it while you can.

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