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Two nights ago, /Film’s Brendon Connelly unearthed an old interview segment in which David Slade said he would rather get shot rather than view Twilight during that film’s theatrical release. This was an interesting stance, since Slade is now slated to direct the third film in the Twilight saga, Eclipse. Slade related a Twitter message he had made from his now-deleted account, in which he described his decision-making process for whether or not to see the film:

Twilight drunk? No, not even drunk. Twilight on acid? No, not even on acid? Twilight at gun point? Just shoot me.

Naturally, this created a firestorm of criticism in the Twilight community. Slade was recently compelled to respond, and Twilight Lexicon has published an e-mail from Slade in which he repudiates his previous remarks. It reads, in part:
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When Peter compiled his epic and useful list of directors, actors and screenwriters plugged into Twitter, one of those included was Hard Candyman David Slade. Today, however, it seems like Slade’s Twitter account has been deleted, which is a crying shame. Besides the loss of an interesting tweeter, another of the reasons this is unfortunate is that the deletion covers Slade’s tracks a little and hides a rather amusing little attack he launched on the Twilight franchise.

That being the very same Twilight franchise Slade has subsequently signed up to, and for which he will be directing the third installment, Eclipse. Oops.

So, the original Tweet might be gone but after the break we have audio of Slade ripping into Twilight and, if nothing else, its quite funny stuff… and I can’t help wondering what Summit Entertainment, the Twilight cast and Stephenie Meyer think about it?

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As well as his much publicized gig on Eclipse, the third Twilight film, Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night director David Slade also has the horror film Cold Skin in preproduction. Slade has reportedly been working on the project since 2008, consulting with screenwriter Jesus Olmo until they’d arrived at a draft they were pleased with.

According to Variety, this fit-to share screenplay is currently out to cast and, depending on who comes on board, the budget will swing up or down around the $25 million mark. Pleasantly modest moneys, I’d say, and almost definitely set to be leapfrogged by the BO receipts by time the film hits DVD.

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state_of_play1In this episode of the /Filmcast, David Chen, Devindra Hardawar and Adam Quigley weigh the stupidity of Fox’s multiple Wolverine endings, speculate on David Slade’s capacity to direct Eclipse, and grow ever more dubious of McG’s credibility. Special guests Tyler Smith and David Bax join us from the Battleship Pretension podcast.

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David Slade in Talks To Direct Eclipse

david slade eclipse

Update: Summit Entertainment has confirmed that David Slade is now officially signed on the direct Eclipse.

The list of names in line to direct the third Twilight film Eclipse is getting stranger every week. The list of filmmakers rumored to be in consideration has included Drew Barrymore, Juan Antonio Bayona (The Spanish filmmaker who directed The Orphanage), Paul Weitz (Director of American Pie and About a Boy, brother of New Moon director Chris Weitz). Nikki Finke is now reporting that Summit Entertainment is also talking with Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night director David Slade.

While this may seem like an extremely odd choice at first, it really isn’t that strange if you think about it. Slade’s directorial debut Hard Candy worked mostly due to the strong yet vulnerable female performance of Ellen Page. And 30 Days of Night proved that Slade could create some fantastic visuals in a genre film. And it appears that performances and visuals are two major aspects that Summit is trying to address with the sequels.

Did You Know: Hard Candy director David Slade (30 Days of Night) was actually originally hired to helm the Justice League of America movie (to be titled “Justice League“)?

According to IESB, Slade was on board with the project for three full weeks, complete with production office, before Warner Bros started to become scared by the ever ballooning budget. Apparently when the budget grew to over $160 million, studio executives decided that it would be better to go with a more experienced director. That is when George Miller was brought on to replace Slade.

It would have been more interesting with Slade attached, but Miller is also a equally good choice. I’m interested to see what David did with 30 Days of Night, as like many, I was very impressed with Hard Candy when I saw it at it’s midnight premiere at Sundance 2005.

30 Days of Night Movie Poster

30 Days of NightI know we’re a little late on this one. The official teaser poster for the big screen adaptation of the popular horror comic series/graphic novel 30 Days of Night hit the web yesterday. We were too busy freaking out that we got quoted in the Hostel 2 television ads to notice. Or may-be we did notice, and somehow it just got lost in the shuffle. Either way, today I bring you this super cool looking poster for 30 Days of Night. I’ve always loved two color posters because of the simpleness. Click on the poster to see it at a higher resolution.
The film is directed by David Slade, a music video turned film director who broke on to the scene with Hard Candy at Sundance 05. The movie stars Josh Hartnett and Melissa George as a married sheriff and deputy in an Alaska town where they encounter a month without daylight. I always was amazed that this idea was never really explored before, because a town like this is a perfect feeding ground for a group of vampires.

30 Days of Night hits theaters on October 19th 2007.