David Ayers wrote and will direct End of Watch, which already has Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena cast as two LAPD officers who “confront marriage, love, fatherhood and the harsh realities of the Los Angeles streets.” Now Anna Kendrick and Natalie Martinez (Detroit 1-8-7) are in talks to play the respective love interests in the movie. We don’t have too many more details on End of Watch, but the film shoots later this summer. [Variety]

After the break, a total change of pace into horror as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 co-star Bill Mosely gets a role in Leatherface 3D, but not the same role he played in Chainsaw 2. And Adam Scott books two new comedy roles. Read More »

Al Pacino is in talks to star in Imagine, playing an aging rocker who “decides to change his life after discovering a letter written to him by John Lennon.” The note inspires him to reach out to his biological son, whom he’s never met. Imagine will be the directorial debut of Dan Fogelman, the screenwriter behind Tangled and the upcoming Crazy Stupid Love. Fogelman has written the script for Imagine as well.

At one point, Steve Carrell was attached to play the son. He’s since dropped out of the role, though he remains involved as a producer. Which means we get to talk about who might be a good fit to fill the part — who do you think could play Pacino’s son? [Variety]

After the jump, Olivia Munn shacks up with Paul Schneider and a trio of Italians join Woody Allen’s Italian movie.

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We reported on the last round of casting for Celeste and Jesse Forever just the other day, when Emma Roberts, Ari Graynor and Chris Messina joined the cast of the film that follows Rashida Jones (who co-wrote) and Andy Samberg as a couple who tries to maintain their friendship while still living in the same house during their divorce. Now Elijah Wood has signed on as well; THR says he’ll be “Celeste’s business partner, a metrosexual who tries to be her ‘saucy gay friend.'” I’m not sure if that means the character is gay, or if he’s a straight guy who tries to play that role with Celeste (Rashida Jones).  Either way, I’ll be happy to see Elijah Wood do outright comedy, since we don’t often see him in that mode on the big screen.

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While he waits for the 24 film to move forward, Kiefer Sutherland is going to romance Kate Bosworth in New York. A film called Fairytale of New York (which only conjures up memories of the Pogues song) has been written by Jeff Murphy and will follow an Irish standup comic who meets an American woman in a NYC art gallery while on a working tour of the States. I can’t get too bent out of shape about another romcom, but I’ll be pretty curious to hear Kiefer Sutherland’s accent. He was born and spent his early life in the UK, but I’m so accustomed to his distinctive voice that  the idea of him sporting an accent seems unusual. [THR]

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Briefly: Are Tom Cruise and writer Dan Fogelman teaming for Jerry Maguire 2? Not quite, but they star and the Cars/Crazy, Stupid, Love writer have a project brewing that sounds like it might be in a similar vein. Dan Fogelman has just sold a pitch to Warner Bros. that has Cruise attached to play a politician whose reputation is destroyed, so he goes back to his hometown to pull himself together.

Specifically, Deadline says the film is about “a politician who gets caught in an affair. With his reputation in tatters, the pol retreats to his hometown to lick his wounds, repair relationships and confront his past.” Or, it will be about that, as this is just an untitled pitch right now. Will the movie get made? Usually this would be the point where we’d say ‘maybe’ and note that if it does, Tom Cruise might no longer be a part of it. But WB and Fogelman obviously get along together; the studio paid a lot ($2.5m!) for Crazy, Stupid, Love and made it fast. This project went for nearly the same amount, so don’t expect it to disappear.

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With everyone sleeping off the end of Sundance and taking a breather after the Superman casting announcement, there isn’t a lot of big casting news today. But here are a couple of quick hits. First up, there’s word that Abbie Cornish (Bright Star, Sucker Punch) has joined the cast of Whisperings and Lies, which was once called Rhapsody.

Bruce Beresford will direct the film about composer and pianist Sergei Rachmaninoff, and the understanding is that the focus will be on a love triangle he had with two women, likely his wife (and cousin) Natalia Satina and muse/singing protege Nina Koshetz. Abbie Cornish is reportedly set for one of those two roles, though we don’t know the specific one. Being happy that she’s got another film is good enough for me right now. More details as we hear back from reps. [Bleeding Cool]

After the break, Barbara Streisand mothers Seth Rogen (at last!) and Katherine Heigl gets to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Read More »

Steve Carell is playing the son of a rock star in Imagine, a film that will see him reunited with writer-turned-director Dan Fogelman. The film centers around “a musician in his 60s who tries to live his life differently after reading an old letter written to him by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The rocker tries to track down and reconnect with his biological son, whom he has never met.” The success of the film will likely come down to which veteran actor Carell is acting opposite against, but for now only he has been cast. Read More »


Hollywood is even more youth-obsessed than usual of late, so the very fact that a studio might make a film that could be vaguely compared to Grumpy Old Men is enough to make me happy. Dan Fogelman, the screenwriter behind the Steve Carell / Ryan Gosling comedy that still doesn’t have a name, has a script called LASt VEGAS (spelling and caps intentional) that follows four friends from the ’50s who reunite in Vegas. An offer has reportedly gone out to Jack Nicholson to play the central role in what is already being called Grumpy Old Men meets The Hangover. Read More »


Often with these aggregated casting pieces the idea is to group together a number of fairly small stories. In this case the names are big — Robert De Niro, Rachel McAdams, Woody Allen, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carrell — but the films are either ones we don’t know much about or have recently covered in detail. Essentially, we don’t have too much to add to the news about any of these projects at this point other than: “hey, now this person is on board.”

Take Dark Fields, the thriller directed by Neil Burger that will star Bradley Cooper. There was recently unconfirmed word that Elizabeth Banks is joining the cast, and while that remains to be confirmed, Variety now says that Robert De Niro is on board. He’ll play “a brilliant financial mogul who begins pursuing Cooper’s character,” who is a New York writer “who comes into possession of a designer drug that gives him newfound intelligence and success.” Time was I would have been thrilled to heard about De Niro being part of a film like this. Can Burger make this one work? Hope so.

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