Duncan Jones got our attention in a big way with Moon, and kept it with Source Code. We’re waiting to see what his next feature will be, but in the meantime he’s paying the rent with some commercial work.

Here’s an ad spot directed by Jones, meant to promote Richard Branson’s new Virgin Money venture. It sees Jones going back to space, if only briefly. As if that wasn’t good enough, there’s a bit of Daft Punk in there as well. Check out the spot below. Read More »


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Whether or not you loved or loathed Tron: Legacy, the one thing almost everyone agreed on is that Daft Punk‘s electronic soundtrack was incredible. In my review of the film I called it “the fuel that fires all of Tron: Legacy” and that’s an almost an understatement. Disney knows that too because, as the film gears up for its second life on DVD and Blu-ray, they’re also planning to revive the soundtrack. On April 5, they’ll release Tron: Legacy R3CONFIGUR3D, an album featuring remixes of Daft Punk’s score by such respected and revered artists as M83, Paul Oakenfold, The Crystal Method, Sander Kleinenberg, Moby and more. Check out the album cover, full track listing and more after the jump. Read More »

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Movie Review: ‘TRON: Legacy’

Editor’s Note: Germain’s review, which originally appeared earlier this month, has been republished for opening weekend

I almost don’t want to say how much I liked TRON: Legacy. Going into a film cold is always the best way to see it and before seeing this heavily marketed, long gestating sequel, I’d unfortunately heard several well-known critics shower the film with negative adjectives, suitably lowering my expectations. With that mindset, I enjoyed the film immensely. So, I apologize if I rebuild any of those lowered expectations when I say that TRON: Legacy is the epic, thrilling adventure you were hoping for, complete with all of the flaws so commonly made in a Hollywood blockbuster. Read More »

MTV has premiered the official music video for the first single from Daft Punk‘s Tron Legacy score, a track titled “Derezzed”. The imagery in the video appears to be a hybrid of the original Tron and the upcoming sequel Tron: Legacy. Also, remember, the soundtrack is currently available for download for only $3.99. Hit the jump to watch the new music video now.

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Hopefully by the time you read this, this deal is still active, but Amazon currently has Daft Punk’s Oscar worthy (in my opinion) score to TRON: Legacy available for download for only $3.99. iTunes is $9.99 and the actual album on Amazon is $11.88. Go and buy it now! And then, go and watch these really interesting interviews with in which director Joseph Kosinski talks in depth about Daft Punk’s score.

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Amazon has a bunch of blu-ray movies on sale today:

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It’s been about ten minutes since we had some Tron Legacy content on the site, so it’s high time for a bit of new stuff. But this is a little different, and quite cool. Jason Bentley, host of the ‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’ show on famed radio station KCRW and music director for the station, also works as a music supervisor on films, commercials and video games. He took part in the process that brought electronic duo Daft Punk into the Tron Legacy family.

Now he has talked with Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski about how the band became involved with the film, and how a set of twenty-four early demos mutated into the score you’ll hear in the finished product. Their conversation is available in part as a set of video clips, and you can see them all below. Read More »

You can hear six minutes of the yet-to-be-released Daft Punk soundtrack for Tron Legacy now online thanks to the Walt Disney Studios Awards campaign website. Some of the music has yet to be heard in the trailers or leaked tracks. The soundtrack will be released on December 7th 2010 (pre-order now on Amazon for under $12). But you can still listen to the six minutes now, embedded after the jump.
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It’s Tron Tuesday again, and one of the new promo items now available is pretty great: a new trailer for Tron Legacy that shows off the Daft Punk cameo in the film along with a beat-heavy new track called ‘Derezzed.’ Watch it after the break. Read More »

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