There are a bunch of new posters this week, and easily the most striking of the bunch is the painted image for The Wolfman, created by legendary Famous Monsters of Filmland cover artist Basil Gogos. CHUD got the image as an exclusive; you can see part of it above, and click through for the full thing. It’s not my favorite Gogos by a stretch, but like his best paintings it is grotesquely colorful in a way that points a direct line to the cinematography in films like Suspiria. The fact that Universal got him to work with their remake is a great thing.

After the break, the poster for Kevin Smith‘s Cop Out, a new domestic poster for Mother, character sheets for Percy Jackson and The Crazies, and a great poster for a tiny, weird Danish post-apocalyptic Western called Connected. Read More »


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New Photos: Alice in Wonderland and Cop Out

Cop Out

Disney has released the first official photo of Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter from Tim Burton‘s Alice in Wonderland, and Warner Bros has released a high resolution version of the Entertainment Weekly preview photo for Kevin Smith‘s Cop Out the we previously featured on the site in low res. Both photos can be viewed after the jump.
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The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly features an all new photo from Kevin Smith’s Cop Out. Sharp-eyed readers may recognize Tracey Morgan’s costume in the pic from our first look at the film back in June. The Playlist is also reporting that Smith’s next feature, the hockey film Hit Somebody, may start filming sometime in 2010. From the way Smith talks about that project, it seems like it may end up being something truly special to him.

View the Entertainment Weekly photo, which also contains a new quote from Smith, after the break.

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Kevin Smith

We just recently covered the first trailer for Kevin Smith’s latest film, Cop Out — a film whose original title, A Couple of Dicks, was gathering similar controversy to Smith’s previous Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Fans pushed hard for Smith to stick with the title since it was announced, but we always knew that the studio could change their minds at any point. We even knew about the safer placeholder title, A Couple of Cops, which was to serve as a last resort if they couldn’t sell the film with otherwise.

But instead of that bland filler title, we got the ironic Cop Out. And now we finally know how, exactly, Smith decided on the title.

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This week, there will be no news, only trailers! Kevin Smith has always written his own movies, until now. When he signed on to direct A Couple of Dicks, for Warner Bros., eventually retitled Cop Out, the project was an interesting move, if nothing else. Could Smith work purely as a director for hire and channel the energy of Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan into something that might resemble a film he’d make on his own? The just-released trailer isn’t making much of an argument for ‘yes’. Check it out after the break. Read More »

a couple of dicks set phtoo

The other day, Kevin Smith revealed that after a very lengthy decision process beginning with Warner Brothers deciding to drop the title of his new film A Couple of Dicks, then deciding to keep it, in the end the film would lose its original, double-entendre-worthy title. But what would the new title be?

Now, evidence has surfaced that the title of Smith’s new film may, in fact, be Cop Out. Hit the jump for what we know.
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