Variety‘s report that True Grit will be released on Christmas Day 2010 reveals two things. One – What I want for Christmas*. Two – that Paramount want to position the film for Oscar glory.

Maybe their decision making was as simple as “Coens. Wide open spaces. Sounds like No Country For Old Men, bound to get gongs” or maybe they’ve been sophisticated enough to appreciate how fine the script is, how high-calibre the cast is shaping up to be and how surely Joel and Ethan can handle this kind of material.

*UK cinemas are actually closed on Christmas day, so the film won’t be getting released here then, anyway.


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There is a story in the new print edition of Paris Match in which “The French Elvis”, Johnny Hallyday seeks to dispel recent rumours about his ill health and ease the French public’s concerns over one of their living national treasures. As well as promising we’ve far from seen the last of him yet, Hallyday goes on to tease some potential big screen appearances for the future.

Hallyday, if you don’t know, is a real pop culture icon in the French speaking world. He’s been dragging out the same farewell tour for over two years now, seemingly refusing to let the spotlight dim. He’s also appeared in a number of films both rather good (The Man on the Train), bad (Detective) and ugly (The Pink Panther 2).

The most exciting piece of Hallyday’s new interview is his claim that Quentin Tarantino is currently writing a script with a role set aside just for him. We all know how that worked out for Warren Beatty with Kill Bill, of course, and there’s a whole host of actors that I wouldn’t be in any hurry to discuss Inglourious Basterds with. But will Hallyday get what he is promised? And what will that actually be, anyway?

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