The United States of Movies Map

Subtonix decided to create a map of the United States by pinpointing the movies which best represent each of the 50 states. For example, New Jersey is Clerks and Kansas is The Wizard of Oz. There will likely be some debate over some of these choices (is Fast Times at Ridgemont High the ultimate representation of California?) but it is an interesting concept none the less. It’s also interesting to note that more Coen Brothers films appear on the map than any other filmmaker. Hit the jump to see the whole map, and click to enlarge.

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VOTD: The 100 Greatest Movie Insults

Pajiba has edited another wonderful montage of movie clips, this time compiling the 100 greatest movie insults of all time in under 10 minutes. Watch the video now embedded after the jump.
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Clerks and Chasing Amy on Blu-Ray in November


Kevin Smith has confirmed that two of his most popular and critically acclaimed films Clerks and Chasing Amy will be released on Blu-Ray in November 2009 with a few new surprises. Smith revealed the news on Twitter, where the filmmaker is nearing almost 1,000,000 followers. The Clerks release will be the same exact contents of the the tenth anniversary DVD release Clerks X, plus a never before released documentary that fans have waited over five years for. Details and trailer after the jump.

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A Visual Dialogue Map of Kevin Smith’s Clerks

Despite having almost no violence in the film, Kevin Smith‘s Clerks was originally given an NC-17 rating by the MPAA based solely on its graphic dialogue. Much like on Zack and Miri, Miramax was able to appeal the ruling and were granted an R-Rating without any cuts.

Wattsei decided to create a visual map of the profane dialogue in the film. Each colored block represents one second in the movie with individual blocks grouped into rows of sixty seconds. These rows form a single column the length of the movie. The color of each block indicates the character speaking at that specific moment in time, Seconds with no active speaker are indicated by a split grey black and character lines containing profanity are indicated by white dots in the corresponding blocks. I’m not sure the purpose of this exercise but its definitely interesting to look at. I actually think it would be more interesting to see a heat map of vulgarity, but of course, I am too lazy to create such a map.

Cool Stuff: Nintendo Wii Clerks Mod

Clerks Wii

Ramon Stokes spent 60 hours creating this custom modified Clerks-themed Nintendo Wii. Stokes’ company Morphon Mods was commissioned by Smith’s friends “Ken, Zak and Joey” to create the Wii as a Christmas Gift for the Clerks filmmaker Kevin Smith.

The Wii was painted using flat gray scale colors to match the black and white clerks characters. The stand features the main characters each back-lit with two “stage lights” that beam up to highlight the custom 3D Clerks logo. The opposite side has a specially back-lit logo of his production company. Finally, the controllers were painstakingly hand painted letter by letter to feature his name one controller and his most famous alter ego on the second. As a most respectful nod to his writing, the font was meant to look like one an old typewriter might use.

Check out a few photos below, and more on Picasa.

Clerks Wii

Clerks Wii

Quoting Clerks in Candorville

Candorville Clerks

Have you ever quoted a clever movie quote, and had someone mistakingly think YOU made it up? Then you’re faced with the option of telling them the truth or just going along with it, hoping they’ll never find out. Darrin Bell’s comic strip Candorville is having fun with this exact situation, using the Star Wars Death Star conversation from Kevin Smith’s Clerks as a starting point. It’s pretty funny, so check it out at the links below:

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