Chronicle is not a superhero movie. It is a film about three young guys who, after exposure to a mysterious energy source, develop strong telekinetic powers. More to the point, Chronicle is about how having that empowerment in common forges a strong friendship between them, and the ways they deal with the unexpected power surge.

In the sort of telling which has become so familiar thanks to comic books and the TV shows and movies that follow them, those kids should quickly learn that their powers come with an obligation to help society. Then they foil some small-time crime and forge identities through which they can become virtuous examples of humanity, evolved.

That’s not how Chronicle works. I’m not sure these characters would know how to help humanity if they wanted to. There is nothing truly ‘realistic’ in this film, but there is something intimately recognizable in the ways in which these guys deal with their new powers. They’re kids. They play around with pranks and fun. They realize they can fly, and talk about destination vacations for the telekinetically-enhanced. Then — and this is what makes Chronicle stand out, and what really makes it worth seeing — their powers become lenses that magnify their true natures, to destructive and tragic effect. Read More »


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Beware the Final ‘Chronicle’ Teaser Trailer

The low-budget ‘teens with powers’ movie Chronicle opens this week, I’m finding that a lot of people still don’t know too much about it. That’s too bad, because Chronicle is a lot of fun. It is a film that explores its premise well, while also proving that it doesn’t take $150m to make a successful movie along these lines.

In short, I hope people see the picture. Chronicle deserves an audience.

Here is one last teaser for the movie, but I have to say that it might not be the best one to watch. Just by the nature of having to advertise the film, some of Chronicle‘s secrets and better scenes have been glimpsed in the full trailer and other teasers that follow. But this one, to me, seems to give up just a bit more of the last act than I’d like. Read More »

Viral marketing is starting to look like one of the best ways to have a lot of fun and get paid for it. Thinkmodo was hired to do a little stunt to promote the Fox ‘teens with superopowers’ film Chronicle, which opens this week.  What the company did was build three custom radio-controlled planes shaped like people, which were then flown through the relatively open airspace around a couple of New York City bridges. The whole effort was filmed, of course, and the result is below. Read More »

The upcoming found-footage superhero film Chronicle is a bit of a mystery. Peter recently saw some footage that he enjoyed, but found some problems with. The team behind it, including screenwriter Max Landis and director Josh Trank, is promising but unproven. Then there’s the plot, which centers on three high schoolers (Michael B. Jordan, Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell) who discover they have the superpower of telekinesis. Sounds great, but why the found footage angle? Overall, we just aren’t sure what we’re in for when the film opens February 3.

One really excellent thing being done with Chronicle’s marketing is a Tumblr page showing off officially licensed art inspired by the movie. One of the artists asked to participate, Fernando Reza, even made a yearbook for the fictional high school in the film and, much like the movie, it starts normal but doesn’t end up that way.  Check out the yearbook art and more after the jump. Read More »

Yesterday, 20th Century Fox invited a group of journalists on to the studio lot to preview footage from the found footage superpowers film Chronicle. The film was co written by Max Landis (son of filmmaker John Landis) and Josh Trank, who makes his feature directorial debut (you may have seen Trank’s viral short film Stabbing at Leia’s 22nd Birthday). The story follows three high school kids who gain super powers — the power of telekinesis. The movie stars a couple young up-and-coming television stars — Michael B. Jordan (Vince from Friday Night Lights, Alex from Parenthood) and Dane DeHaan (Jesse from In Treatment). After the footage screening, I recorded my first impressions with Alex from FirstShowing. You can watch our short video blog embedded after the jump, alongside two clips from the film and a 60-second trailer.

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We’ve seen a lot of superhero origin stories and we’ve seen a lot of low-fi ‘found footage’ films. But we haven’t seen many project combine those two approaches. And of the projects that have come close to that idea, none have looked quite as promising as Chronicle. This is a movie about three high-school friends who end up with hero-like powers. Rather than becoming heroes, however, these kids play around — as you probably would — and depicts the way things go wrong when one of the kids makes a rash decision.

We’ve covered Chronicle a bit as Fox started making the film, but we haven’t known much about it until now. A trailer hit today, and it looks solid — check out the footage below. Read More »