/Filmcast Ep. 25: Role Models

In this episode of /Filmcast, Dave, Adam, and Devindra lament the prevalence of American remakes, compare 28 Days Later with 28 Weeks Later, review Role Models, and remember one of their favorite authors of all time.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Rock will be teaming up with Sidney Kimmel Entertainment and Screen Gems for a re-imagining of Frank Oz’s 2007 British comedy Death at a Funeral. Rock will produce and star in the film, in addition to co-writing the script with Ayesha Carr (an Everybody Hates Chris veteran). Although Oz’s original was well-received by many critics, it didn’t get very much traction with theatergoers, drawing only a niche audience. The new film will have a primarily African-American cast and focus on a funeral that “devolves into a debacle of misplaced cadavers, indecent exposure and family secrets.”

In general, I’m skeptical of remakes but there have been exceptions where the newer film has surprised with its inventiveness. Positive examples can be found in the category of remakes of foreign films (e.g. The Departed, The Ring) or even remakes of older American films (e.g. Ocean’s 11, Invasion of the Body Snatchers) However, this news has me torn because on the one hand, Chris Rock is a great funnyman who will undoubtedly be able to mine the basic funeral scenario for comedic gold. On the other hand, it promises to strip away all the elements that made the original film what it is (namely, its British-ness, for lack of a better term). It’s also just kind of bizarre that the remake is coming hot off the heals (just one year after) the original. What do you guys think?

Source: THR

Discuss: Are you eager to see “Death at a Funeral” remade for American/urban audiences?

27 New Bee Movie Photos

Bee Movie

Paramount/Dreamworks just sent us a new batch of photos from Jerry Seinfeld’s upcoming computer animated film Bee Movie. I caught a sneak preview of footage from the film last month, and was surprised at how much I enjoyed myself. I’m usually a very harsh critic of the DreamWorks computer animated films (If only everyone could be like Pixar), but this one actually has more than a few interesting aspects (you can read our previous report at this link). Check out all the new photos after the jump, followed by the film’s official synopsis. As always, click on the images to enlarge.
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Loosely based on French writer/director Eric Rohmer�s Chloe in the Afternoon, comedians Chris Rock and Louis C.K. have adapted the story for the American screen.
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Bee Movie Trailer #2 Revealed

Bee Movie Spielberg

Yes, that’s Steven Spielberg talking to Jerry Seinfeld dressed in a Bee suit.
Last year the first teaser trailer was released for Jerry Seinfeld’s computer animated film The Bee Movie. Many people were angry that the teaser was false advertising, as it was done in live action. A second trailer has finally been released, and it also contains live action footage, but cleverly transitions into the actual computer animation. See that after the jump.
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