National Treasure
In National Treasure: Book of Secrets, Nicolas Cage‘s character Ben Gates goes after the President of the United States’ book of secrets, an unofficial book which contains the answers for the biggest coverups in American history. In addition to his mission to restore his family’s name, Gates is advised by the President of the United States to “read Page 47″. And of course, the information which is contained on Page 47 is never revealed, which many suspected might be a possible third film. Others wrote it off as nothing more than a throwaway gag.

But even if it was just a throwaway gag, we all know that can become something of franchise canon. For instance, Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale never intended for a sequel for Back to the Future, and the ending of the film where Doc Brown returns from the future with a flying Delorean was just intended to be a funny gag to end the movie on. In fact, they didn’t decide to do a sequel until after the film became a big success, at which time they added the “To be continued…” caption to the conclusion of the film (it was never included in the theatrical print). The writers later stated that the ending gag in the first film painted them in a corner for the sequel.

So is Page 47 just a throwaway gag or will it be the starting point of National Treasure 3?

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Just prior to being fired, former Disney chairman Dick Cook announced National Treasure 3. For a moment, there was some doubt as to whether the third film would still be made after Cook was ousted. But with almost $800m in global ticket sales between the first two films, yes, it is happening. Again. And the guys who wrote Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time for producer Jerry Bruckheimer are going to be the idea men. Read More »