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With Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn reconnecting for The Internship this summer, their former Wedding Crashers co-stars Bradley Cooper and Rachel McAdams are plotting a reunion of their own, albeit for an entirely different type of project.

McAdams has entered talks to join Cooper and Emma Stone in the latest project by Cameron Crowe, billed as a romantic comedy in the vein of Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous. That description alone is reason enough to get excited, but the great cast helps, too. Hit the jump to keep reading.

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When Bradley Cooper first blipped on the pop culture radar as the loveable friend on J.J. Abrams’ Alias, no one could guess the heights to which he’d soar. He’s gone from bit player to leading man, blockbuster star and now Oscar-hopeful. And once you’ve covered all those bases, that’s when the coolest of cool filmmakers start to take notice. That’s happened to Cooper, as he’s in talks to star in the upcoming untitled Cameron Crowe film (which might be called Deep Tiki) opposite Emma Stone. Read more after the jump. Read More »

Writer/director Cameron Crowe has been quite busy as of late and he’s only getting busier. He recently cast Emma Stone in an untitled romantic comedy (likely called Deep Tiki) set in Hawaii. Now reports say he has set the follow-up to that film, too.

Crowe is moving forward with Beautiful Boy, based on a novel by David Sheff, about a family dealing with their son’s meth addiction. Crowe will write and direct the project. He’ll also incorporate elements from a related novel called Tweak, written by the subject of the first book, Sheff’s son Nic.

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Good news for Cameron Crowe fans as mere months after his last film, the next one is gaining traction. Sony has just bought the rights to a new romantic comedy by the writer director with Emma Stone attached to star. Though not mentioned in the initial report, additional outlets are reporting the film is Deep Tiki, a tropical romance Crowe was fiddling with in 2008 with Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon attached at the time. Whether or not that’s this film or not has yet to be confirmed but Crowe will write and direct while Stone will play opposite a male, who has yet to be cast. The tone is said to be in line with the classic Crowe films like Almost Famous and Jerry Maguire. Scott Rudin is producing. Read more after the jump. Read More »

Cameron Crowe‘s We Bought a Zoo unfolds in the kind of universe where characters say things like “If you do something for the right reasons, nothing can stop you,” and indeed, it turns out that if your heart is in the right place, Mother Nature herself will stop and part the clouds to make your dreams come true. It’s a place where “Why not?” is a perfectly valid response to the question “What on earth possessed you to buy a zoo?” and where “insane courage” guarantees a desirable outcome. If all of that sounds cringingly sappy, well, it kind of is. But Crowe tells the tale with such genuine feeling that it’s tough not to fall for the movie’s charms all the same.

Based on the memoir by Benjamin Mee, the film follows a freshly widowed father (Matt Damon) who, in an unconventional attempt at self-therapy, moves himself and his two children Dylan and Rosie (Colin Ford and Maggie Elizabeth Jones) into a decrepit zoo. With the help of a small but devoted staff (Patrick Fugit, Elle Fanning, Angus Macfadyen) led by zookeeper Kelly (Scarlett Johansson), the family sets about renovating the park for a grand reopening.

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Briefly: Evidently the Thanksgiving weekend sneak preview screenings of Cameron Crowe‘s new film We Bought a Zoo went down pretty well, because Fox is doing it again this weekend. The studio has announced that the film, which opens for real on December 23, will show “additional sneak previews of the film in hundreds of theaters across the country.”

The film will be showing at 800 theaters across the US tomorrow, so we don’t have a list of showtimes — that’s just too many to list. But you should easily be able to check local listings to get the relevant data.

Germain recorded some of his thoughts about the movie after the Thanksgiving sneak weekend, and we’ll have a proper review up the week of the film’s actual opening. You can also check out some of the score here.

Ten years after Cameron Crowe included several songs by Icelandic band Sigur Rós in Vanilla Sky, the director turned to band frontman Jónsi to write the entire score for his new project, We Bought a Zoo. Though we won’t know until December 23 exactly how the movie turned out (well, unless you caught one of those sneak screenings like that lucky bastard Germain did), the full soundtrack from the film is available for streaming right now.

The album won’t actually go on sale until December 13, but if you start listening now you’ll have plenty of time to decide whether or not you want to shell out that $10.99. Spoiler alert: If you like Jónsi and Sigur Rós, you probably will. Get a taste after the jump.

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When an audience sits down for a Cameron Crowe movie they have certain expectations. An amazing soundtrack; well-rounded, relateable characters; and a heartwarming, interesting story filled with clever, thoughtful dialogue. We’ve seen these things in Crowe’s most beloved films: Say Anything, Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous. He got away from that a bit with his last feature, 2005′s Elizabethtown, but I’m happy to report he’s back in his wheelhouse with We Bought a Zoo. Based on a true story, the film follows Benjamin Mee (Matt Damon) who, following the loss of his wife, buys a zoo to reinvigorate his family.

We Bought A Zoo is Crowe at his most mainstream. The script is filled with the types of pitch-perfect, enlightening exchanges we’ve come to expect from his films but the story is a by-the-numbers rumination of redemption and family. Unfortunately, We Bought A Zoo is never much more than that. Still, it’s hard to imagine a filmmaker more in his element than Crowe is here. Read More »

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