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Sacha Baron Cohen‘s Bruno had its LA premiere last night, and the show went on with a small part of the film exised, according to the Risky Biz Blog. A Michael Jackson-related scene was cut for the screening, showing Universal’s sensitivity to the news of Jackson’s passing. Read More »

Gay-Friendly Bruno Reshoots Rumored


According to a new report at The Wrap, Sacha Baron Cohen‘s Bruno was reshot to appease the “Hollywood gay community.” Frankly, if this is true, I’m a little disappointed in the filmmakers for bowing to this pressure. Furthermore, I think it reflects very badly on this community if they are incensed by the movie. There’s absolutely no way that Bruno isn’t, wasn’t, and hasn’t always been a very passionately pro-homosexuality, anti-homophobia piece. The article mentions a few particular individuals that were apparently offended, from Year of the Dog‘s Mike White to the actors Jack Plotnick and Peter Paige. It also includes a video, embedded after the break, in which numerous industry folk let their feelings be known.

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Early Buzz: The First Review of Bruno

bruno gq

Sacha Baron Cohen‘s new movie Bruno has its premiere party in Paris last night, and BBC’s Jonathan Ross tweeted:

“Was very funny. Not as funny as Borat, but funny.”

But lets forget tweets, the first official review has been published by The Sun. The UK paper notes that Hitler gets a mention every five minutes, and that “the pygmy sex scene is one of the most horrific incidents ever committed to celluloid.” Here is a short spoiler free excerpt from the review:

“To say Brüno makes uncomfortable viewing is an understatement of Battle of Britain proportions. When I wasn’t giggling like a 14-year-old, I was cowering behind my hands.” … “The character does lose a bit of steam towards the end but the musical climax … is a fitting finale.”

Read the full review, which I must warn you: contains spoilers, at Pictured above is Cohen’s nude appearance on the cover of GQ Magazine.

Bruno Green Band Movie Trailer


For all of you who were unable to watch the previously released Bruno red band movie trailer, Universal Pictures has premiered a new green band version of the trailer without the nudity, dildos and other NSFW elements. But aside from a couple edits, this new trailer is virtually the same thing. Check it out embedded after the jump thanks to MTV.
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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Bruno’s Meinspace is “So 2007”

Universal Pictures has released a new viral video for Sacha Baron Cohen‘s new film Bruno. I’m not quite sure what to think of it. It’s more strange and awkward than funny. And as The Playlist points out, its strange that a film which is promoting itself using the tagline “Borat was so 2006” is using MySpace as their viral promotion hub. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve logged into MySpace. Universal must have signed a cross promotional deal with the social network when it was a lot more relevant. Watch the clip after the jump.
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Bruno Movie Poster


Universal Pictures has finally unleashed the official poster for Bruno, is Sacha Baron Cohen‘s follow-up to Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. I’m actually kinda surprise they didn’t go for something more outrageous. I’d definitely loving the tagline, “Borat was so 2006.” Check out the full poster after the jump.

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Bruno Gets Rated R

People Sacha Baron Cohen

Universal has just announced that Sacha Baron Cohen‘s Borat follow-up Bruno has been given an R-Rating by the MPAA for “pervasive strong and crude sexual content, graphic nudity and language.” . This comes weeks after the initial cut of the movie was branded with the dreaded and unmarketable NC-17 rating.

At the time we were told that the filmmakers were “preparing a new edit to try out for an R and winding up an appeal against this initial MPAA decision”, so we’re really not sure which route was taken. If I were to guess, I would say that Universal presented the MPAA with a new cut of the movie, which fixed some of the “objectionable” sequences.

New Bruno Photos


Universal Pictures has released some new possibly NSFW photos from Sacha Baron Cohen‘s Bruno. Check them out after the jump.

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