The public image of NASA isn’t what it once was. In my youth the department was a beacon of scientific hope, but budget cuts and a waning interest in space exploration have helped NASA wither to a shadow of its former self. This year saw the end of the agency’s space shuttle program. But that doesn’t mean the outfit is ready to be associated with any old claptrap. And so, below, we have an official statement from NASA that distances the group from the ‘found footage’ thriller Apollo 18. Read More »


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On Monday we heard about a couple sci-fi pitches that had been picked up by studios, with the general box office success of Battle: Lost Angeles probably not hurting that process.

Now two more have been picked up. Fox grabbed a new story idea from Jurassic Park III writer Peter Buchman, and Paramount grabbed the new pitch from Brian Miller, who wrote the low-budget ‘found footage’ sci-fi thriller Apollo 18. What little info we have on each is after the jump. Read More »

Timur Bekmambetov has been busy at the American Film Market. While he’s planning to direct Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in the next few months, he continues to be a prolific producer. (For better or worse.) Today there is word that he may have not one but two new space-related projects set up with two different companies.

One is Apollo 18, based on the Apollo 18 moon mission, which was canceled in real life, but in the film’s fiction took place in secret. The Weinstein Company will make that one. The other is an as-yet untitled ‘deep space’ film that was pitched to Fox by the Predators writing team, and which Mr. Bekmambetov is circling in some capacity. Read More »