Since the news broke that Ridley Scott will direct the new film set in the world of Blade Runner, speculation about Harrison Ford‘s participation, or lack thereof, has been voiced every time the project comes up. Over the weekend there was a brief surge of Blade Runner interest as one report said that Ford was, indeed, in very early talks to take a role in the film.

Producers quickly shot down the Ford rumor, and now Ridley Scott has weighed in. Scott is putting into action the classic move of refusing to confirm or deny that Harrison Ford will have any part in whatever this new project turns out to be.

Oh, and Scott also wants to make Prometheus 2.

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I guess some film news is just too good to be true. Over the weekend, news broke that star Harrison Ford had entered early talks to appear in Ridley Scott‘s upcoming Blade Runner sequel, sparking widespread excitement even among fans who’d previously been wary of revisiting the sci-fi classic. However, Alcon Entertainment’s Andrew Kosove is now “adamantly denying” the story, saying that they haven’t even begun to think about casting yet. More after the jump.

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When news first broke that the rights to make future Blade Runner films had been purchased, everyone was worried. When it was later revealed Ridley Scott would likely direct the eventual film, worry turned to curiosity. And if this news ends up coming to fruition, I think fans can finally settle in for full blown excitement.

Twitchfilm is reporting that Harrison Ford, yes Deckard himself, is in “early talks” to appear in a new Blade Runner film. Read more after the jump. Read More »

We know that Alcon Entertainment and Warner Bros. are working with Ridley Scott to make another film set in the Blade Runner world, though whether the new film might be sequel, prequel or spin-off we haven’t known. Hell, we really don’t know anything about the movie, including the key question: “why?” (Answer to that is likely to be “because we can.”)

Now Ridley Scott says that the Blade Runner project is “likely to be a sequel.” Read More »


This week, Dave, Devindra, and Adam compare the classic Straw Dogs to Rod Lurie’s new remake, try to get excited about a new Blade Runner film, and wonder whether or not story still matters in modern movies. Special guest Jordan Raup joins us from The Film Stage.

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The biggest news of the day — and likely the week, perhaps even the month — is that Ridley Scott has agreed to direct a film that will be either a prequel or sequel to his 1982 classic Blade Runner. Details on the project are very thin right now; besides the simple fact of Alcon Entertainment holding the rights to make the film, and Scott agreeing to direct, there are no specifics.

Andrew Kosove from Alcon is, however, already talking about the many steps that have to be taken before a film will ever be released. Between needing to make big decisions about the overall story, hiring a writer and shaping the script, we shouldn’t expect the film to go into production before 2013. That means a 2014 release is the earliest we can expect the new Blade Runner. And what of original star Harrison Ford? Don’t expect to see him in the film, says Kosove. Read More »

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UPDATE: We’ve added the official press release after the jump.

Briefly: Deadline is reporting that Ridley Scott will direct and produce a new installment of Blade Runner. They’re not sure if it’s a prequel or sequel. Read more after the jump. Read More »

Dark and gritty, just like the movies they represent, Dean Walton‘s sci-fi classic poster series does minimalism right. These posters for Blade Runner, E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, Alien, 2001 A Space Odyssey and The Terminator hearken back to Walton’s (who often goes by his art name Mr. Shabba) 2011 Oscar nominee posters, grabbing one image and infusing it with smaller ones. They’re also undeniably influenced by Olly Moss’s sought after Mondo Star Wars series, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. Check out each image below and find out how you can purchase your own. Read More »

A new survey conducted by British video rental service LOVEFiLM affirmed what we already knew, but don’t necessarily like to admit: People lie about having seen films they haven’t. The poll surveyed Brits to find out whether they’d ever lied about seeing movies they hadn’t — and if so, which movies they’d fibbed about watching. 80% of respondents confessed to having fudged the truth about their cinematic knowledge at some point, with Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather topping the list of movies people pretend to have seen. Read more results after the jump.

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