Columbia Pictures have released another new movie poster for Battle: Los Angeles. What is that thing in the background? Is that one of the massive alien spaceships? Check out the full one-sheet after the jump. Also, a new viral video has gone live showing a spaceship over the 11 freeway in Los Angeles. Watch that embedded after the jump.

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Columbia Pictures have released a new one-minute tv spot/mini-trailer for Jonathan Liebesman‘s Battle: Los Angeles. Watch it now embedded after the jump. I’ve talked with a couple people who saw early screenings in New York City and Los Angeles, and the buzz is completely positive. I’m very excited to see this movie. Watch the trailer embedded after the jump. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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Last night we asked /Film readers to tell us which Super Bowl movie commercial was their favorite. Today we bring you the results. Hit the jump to find out who won.
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A lot of movie commercials premiered during the Super Bowl: JJ Abrams’ Super 8, Captain America: The First Avenger, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Thor, Fast Five, Priest, Just Go With It, Limitless, The Eagle, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Rio, Battle: Los Angeles, Cowboys & Aliens, Drive Angry 3D, and Rango. If you missed any of the commercials, click on the linked titles to watch them now!

We want to know which movie you were most impressed with. Which of the Movie Super Bowl Commercials Did You Like Best? Please vote using the poll below!

The poll will also remain in the sidebar until Monday afternoon.

‘Battle: Los Angeles’ Super Bowl Commercial

The Super Bowl television commercial for Battle: Los Angeles aired before the big game on Sunday night. If you missed it, you can watch it now embedded after the jump. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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What is Page 2? Page 2 is a compilation of stories and news tidbits, which for whatever reason, didn’t make the front page of /Film. After the jump we’ve included 30 different items, fun images, videos, casting tidbits, articles of interest and more. It’s like a mystery grab bag of movie web related goodness. If you have any interesting items that we might’ve missed that you think should go in /Film’s Page 2 – email us!

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We’ve seen a few trailers for Jonathan Liebesman‘s ‘aliens attack’ film Battle: Los Angeles, but a lot of new information is hitting today. We’ll catch up with the new one-sheet released earlier this week (that’s a slice of it, above) and show you a video blog recorded by Peter and Frosty from Collider recapping their set visits from late 2009. Read More »

The consensus has been overwhelming positive in regards to Jonathan Liebesman‘s upcoming alien invasion movie Battle: Los Angeles and that’s not going to change after fans get a glimpse of a new viral website for the film which provides all kinds of details on the aliens. The structure of their command center, their biology, weapons and transportation are just a few of the categories that have been uncovered and they all hint at a world that is way more dense for one movie to handle.

Battle: Los Angeles stars Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Bridget Moynahan, Lucas Till and Michael Pena and will invade theaters on March 11. Find out how to access this secret site and see some of the images on it after the break. Read More »

We won’t know until this Sunday which two teams will be playing in Super Bowl XLV on February 6 (Let’s go Jets!) but we do know several of the movies that will be competing during the commercial breaks. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Paramount has five commercial spots for some of its upcoming films: Super 8, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor and Rango, Disney will be promoting Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, DreamWorks has bought time for Cowboys & Aliens and Relativity will air a spot for Limitless starring Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper.

Ads this year cost $3 million for a 30 second spot, slightly up compared to last year, so other studios have chosen to save money and buy time during pregame or Glee, which will air immediately following the game. Read which films will appear in those slots and also why we believe this isn’t the end of the Super Bowl shuffle. Read More »

Battle: Los Angeles Movie Trailer #3

When Sony released the first teaser trailer for Jonathan Liebesman‘s Battle: Los Angeles in November, I was kind of disappointed that it was a montage of cool shots. Knowing what I did about the film, I thought the the opening of the movie could have been played for a more Cloverfield-like surprise/shocking reveal. The full length trailer released today begins with that idea — and looks like a fun sci-fi action film. Although, it should be noted that this is yet another trailer which copies  the Inception trend of using a big bassy noise for dramatic effect. For those who haven’t been following the project, Battle has been described as a Black Hawk Down-style military story set in an alien invasion. I really think this film will surprise people when it is released in March. Watch the trailer now embedded after the jump. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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